Tips for kitchen herb garden

Written by Joy

Oct 16 2020

Tips for kitchen herb garden
Many people are troubled by the smell of oily smoke. In fact, keeping a few pots of herb plants in the kitchen can solve this problem. You'd better not be afraid of more oily smoke in the future! This article mainly introduces several kinds of herbs that are suitable for growing in your kitchen herb garden, hoping this passage can help you to form your indoor herbs kitchen.

Green dill

Diospyros is the best cultivated kitchen herb. Even if it wilts yellow, you pour a glass of water down and such a kitchen herb immediately become green. It can absorb floating grease and carbon monoxide in the kitchen, and can also absorb the pollution of detergents, detergents and other gases. Keeping a pot in your kitchen herb garden is absolutely a good choice, no matter how much harmful substances you can solve.
kitchen herb garden
It likes water, you can usually water it twice a week, and it won't take long for the pot to burst. If you want more peace of mind, you might as well raise a pot of hydroponic green dill to form your indoor herbs kitchen, and you’d better change the water once a week. If the blade is dusty, it can be rejuvenated by just rubbing it. 

Boston Fern

Oil fume contains more than 300 harmful substances, including methyl, ketone, alcohol and so on. A small Boston Fern can absorb 20 micrograms of harmful substances per hour and is called a biological purifier. Those who like to cook often can put two pots of ferns in your indoor herbs kitchen.
kitchen herb garden
Such a herb plant does not need enough light, so it can be placed on the balcony. What you need to do is to water twice a week to keep the pot soil moist and help it grow. You can occasionally spray water in summer as long as the leaves are kept moist.

Thin lotus

If you want fresh indoor air and eliminate the lingering smell of oily smoke, which herb plant would you prefer? A pot of mint is enough. It can reduce the peculiar smell caused by kitchen fume. It will have a faint fragrance and smell refreshing.
kitchen herb garden
Peppermint can be reproduced by cuttings or planted in branches. After cutting off the rhizome, it can continue to grow hair. When cooking, it's a good choice to pinch a few mint leaves to taste and refresh the taste. All you have to do is to water once a week, it is definitely one of the plants that can be well fed in your herbs kitchen!

Goose palm firewood

The name Schefflera sounds unfamiliar, but you are familiar with it when you talk about it. Putting this herb plant in the smoky indoor kitchen garden can absorb harmful substances and convert them into harmless substances through photosynthesis to produce fresh air.
Duck palm firewood is relatively tall in the later stage, and can be placed in the corner of the herbs kitchen. It can be grown by watering it once a week. It is occasionally moved to the balcony to bask in the sun, which is particularly worry-free.

Silver queen

Silver Queen is a kind of functional herb plant, it has a strong adsorption effect, like formaldehyde in a new house. Kitchen fumes and peculiar smell can be eliminated, and it has a particularly strong ability to purify the air.
kitchen herb garden
It likes semi-shady light, not strong light. The windows of the indoor kitchen garden are in a good position. The potting soil of this herb should be kept moist and watered twice a week. It's proper to put such herbs in your herbs kitchen. Purifying and green your indoor kitchen garden is just a piece of cake.

 Air pineapple

It is a herbaceous plant that can survive only by air. Several herb plants hang in the indoor kitchen garden, which can absorb formaldehyde and benzene compounds. It can also deodorize, absorb oil fume, and absorb water vapor in the indoor kitchen garden to purify the air, and very powerful.
kitchen herb garden
This herb plant does not need soil or full water. As long as you spray water on the leaf surface with a watering can 3 times a week, the air pineapple can grow well without taking up any space. It is especially suitable for growing in your herbs kitchen. 

Hanging orchid

Chlorophytum is a legendary little expert in formaldehyde absorption. In fact, putting such a herb plant in the indoor kitchen garden can also dispel oily smoke. When the herb plant of Chlorophytum blooms, it can also reduce the peculiar smell of your indoor kitchen garden and keep the air fresh.
kitchen herb garden
Chlorophytum is suitable to be placed on the balcony of the kitchen to keep the soil moist. If the leaves of this herb grow too many, it can be pruned appropriately and replaced with cuttings in pots. It is especially easy to raise, and it has a high ornamental value in your herbs kitchen.


Almost every household will raise a pot of Aloe vera for beauty, and it can also be used as dessert. Have you ever tried to put this good herb plant in your indoor kitchen garden? A small pot of Aloe can absorb a lot of harmful substances, reduce toxic gases in the kitchen and clean the air, which is especially practical.
kitchen herb garden
Aloe prefers light, even if it is placed in the kitchen, it is necessary to ensure that there is astigmatism to shine on this herb plant. Gardeners must make sure to pour water twice a week to replenish energy, so that the Aloe can swish upward. 
With these pots of herbal plants, all the kitchen fumes and peculiar smells will be solved in the future, and you will have a clean indoor kitchen garden!