How to Propagate Goldfish Plant

Written by Maggie

Nov 08 2021

How to Propagate Goldfish Plant

Goldfish plant stems and leaves are grown very lush, vines hanging down are very natural, blossom the most exuberant,very suitable for growing at home. So if you want to have a few more, how to propagate? Now let's look at the three propagation methods of goldfish plants and care after propagation!

goldfish plants
Goldfish plant is one of the plants that can grow in water

Goldfish Plants Propagation from Seed

There are three Goldfish plant propagation methods, seed propagation method can be adopted, and division propagation can also be adopted. Generally, the simplest method of cutting propagation is generally adopted. Some people say it's easy to plant seeds. Just put the seeds in the soil, put them in a warm place, keep the humidity, and wait for them to take root, sprout and grow into seedlings. The point is that goldfish plant seeds are hard to collect and can't be grown, let alone propagated.

Goldfish Plants Propagation from Division

Unable to get by one way, we tried another. We can't collect goldfish plant seeds, so we buy a pot of them, and we divide them, and we multiply them from one plant to two or three or more. That's fine, but it takes a year or two for one plant to become two or three, and even longer if we want to grow more. Because of the sudden growth and environment of new plants after division, goldfish plants need a certain time to root recovery, and only after the old plant is stable can new buds and new branches grow again. To carry out the next cutting propagation of goldfish plants.

Goldfish Plants Propagation from Cutting

Cutting is simple but takes a long time to propagate. How can Goldfish plants propagate quickly and well? Simple and convenient method that is propagated by cutting. Cutting propagation can be divided into top cuttings and stem cuttings. The principle of the two kinds of propagation is the same, the difference is the location of cutting. Cuttage is generally selected in spring and autumn, the choice of top branches or stems cut is also based on the growth and morphology of Goldfish plant, the general selection of annual branches, this branch vitality is strong, cutting survival rate is high.

Cuttings in the spring, for example, choose the right to cut branches, cut 10 centimeters or so commonly, for 3 ~ 4, and insert the prepared plate, spring temperature is just right for growth, as long as keep humidity, sections in about a month time to germinate, then pay attention to heart, which can promote its branch, a basin of new Goldfish propagating good plant. The season is chosen in spring and autumn, because the two seasons of warm clothing are moderate. When cutting new branches you do not need to cover the film insulation, save some procedures.

goldfish plants

Care for Goldfish Plant

With the Goldfish plant propagation method learned, will we soon have a few or more pots? Not necessarily. Why do you say that? With seedlings, it depends on whether we can raise them. How to maintain them to grow well. How to grow well and how to propagate quickly, so we also need to learn Goldfish plants care.

1. Choose the appropriate pot and pot soil

Goldfish plant is a vertical ornamental plant. When choosing a flowerpot, try to choose a flowerpot with a beautiful appearance and a slightly higher body to avoid the unstable center of gravity and easy tilt. The basin soil should be fluffy, breathable, permeable, and partial acid soil. It is best to lay some stones or larger particles in the basin floor, so that it can be both heat preservation and good drainage and breathable.

2. Potted

When applying cutting propagation of Goldfish plants, we should pay attention that cutting location selection is very important, that is, the location of the pot, because the cutting after the new branches will take root and germinate, through the heart to make its branches, falling down. After the pot will not move again, and when the pot is planted, but also consider the late branches long hanging down the degree. (Find more best indoor hanging plants here.)

3. Watering and fertilizing

Goldfish plants are hygrophilous plant things, demand for water, spring, summer, autumn, relatively warm and dry season, and need more water, especially in the summer, hot weather, moisture evaporates quickly, and it is best to place it in a shallow pan and in the shade. Also in the surrounding water, keep wet, so as to avoid it because the drying temperature is too high and causes branches and leaves to fall off.

Fertilization is generally chosen in the growing season of Goldfish plants, which requires more nutrients. At this time, it is good to absorb fertilizer and grow fast, but it can not be applied with concentrated fertilizer. Generally, it can be applied with thin fertilizer once a half month. It is OK to apply phosphorus fertilizer again before flowering. After fertilizing, we should loosen the soil to water generally. Read more about Goldfish plant care.

goldfish plants