How to Care for Goldfish Plants Growing Excessively or Weakly

Written by Maggie

Dec 24 2021

How to Care for Goldfish Plants Growing Excessively or Weakly

Goldfish plants are very easy to grow and care for because they can be placed indoors for a long time. The Goldfish plant sometimes will grow excessively or weakly. Next, we'll introduce goldfish plants care tips about growing excessively or weakly.

goldfish plant
Goldfish plant is one of the plants that can grow in water

Care for goldfish plant growing excessively

Without light for a long time, the plant grows very fast, and the flowering is little or no flowering, which appears the plant grows unproductive. How to care for goldfish plants growing excessively? Hit the top in time, or pick the leaves, if it is caused by too much fertilization, it is necessary to stop fertilization, and water less, leaving the plant in a state of hunger and thirst. The following are details of care for goldfish plants growing excessively.

1. Multi-topping

When Goldfish plants grow barren, the first treatment is to top them, which is an effective method of inhibiting growth.The same as the heart, is to remove the top bud of the branches and leaves, so that they can not grow into large, so as to promote the growth of lateral buds, branches and stem thickening.

2. Pick the leaves

A second method of inhibiting Goldfish plant overgrowth is to pick the leaves. Pick the 2 ~ 3 to the leaves of the long branches, control the growth of branches, reduce the loss of nutrition, nutrient concentration supply other branches and side buds, make the whole plant no longer grow tall.

3. Stop watering and fertilizing

Watering and fertilizing too much can cause Goldfish plants to grow excessively. Therefore, to control their fruitlessly growing, stop watering and fertilizing, make them hungry and thirsty, and the plants will naturally grow slowly or stop growing. However, this method will also limit the growth of lateral shoots and stems.

4. Keep the light

Goldfish plants are shade-loving plants, but cannot be kept indoors for long periods of time and can easily grow unproductive. To control growth, it can be given light, spring, summer, autumn morning and afternoon sunlight can be exposed to, at noon must be shaded; In winter light is very soft, it can be placed directly in the sun. The proper light can avoid the plant overgrowth.

goldfish plant

Care for goldfish plants growing weakly

Goldfish plants are also called Goldfish plants. Its flowers look like little yellow Goldfish. It is a very popular flower. Goldfish plants are easy to grow, but how to care for Goldfish plants growing too thin? The selection of the most suitable growth of peat and humus, and then a moderate amount of water, more sun, attention to ventilation and frequent pruning, goldfish plant will be more and more vigorous and strong. The following are care for goldfish plants growing too thin.

1. Proper soil

To make a Goldfish plant strong, it is essential to find a rich soil that is best suited for the goldfish plant to grow. Goldfish plants prefer soils that are breathable and permeable, but the addition of peat and leaf rot soil can increase its fertility, plus some vermiculite to increase its breathability.

2. Appropriate watering

Goldfish plants must be watered properly; they require a lot of water. Too much water can cause water accumulation at the roots, which can affect growth or decay. Too little watering can also cause the plant to not hydrate enough, preventing the plant from flowering. Spring and autumn 2 ~ 3 days watering 1 times; In summer watering quantity to be larger, once a day; In cold winter, we should reduce the amount of water 5 ~ 6 days water 1 times.

3. The sun shines

The most important thing about a Goldfish plant is that it needs a lot of sunlight. Goldfish plant is a light-loving plant. Full sun exposure makes the Goldfish plant more dense and robust. In addition to the summer sun being too hot, we need to avoid the right amount of strong light irradiation, the rest of the spring and autumn winter can be full sunshine.

4. Pay attention to anti-freezing

When we grow Goldfish plants, we need to pay attention to the anti-freezing of the plants. In winter, when the temperature is below 5℃, the growth of the plants will be affected. We must keep the temperature between 10 and 30 ℃. Goldfish plants are very resistant to high temperatures. Even in the hot summer, they only need to be shaded from the sun, but in the summer, water should be sprayed to moisten the plant environment.

5. Pruning

To fatten a Goldfish plant, pruning and sprout is the last thing you need. Especially when picking the heart, the top of each branch picking the heart, not only can promote lateral branches grow, beautify the plant modeling. Even the branches of the Goldfish plant slowly become lignified, making the plant more resistant and healthy. Read more about Goldfish plant propagation and Goldfish plant care.

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