Goldfish Plant Profile

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Nov 08 2021

Goldfish Plant Profile

Goldfish plant, scientific name Nematanthus wettsteinii, is a herb of the genus Snapdragon in the family Gesneriaceae, having a semi-woody base. Goldfish plants like high temperature, high humidity, and shade environments. If placed in a light place for a long time, too dry or winter temperature is too low can cause fallen leaves.

Goldfish Plant Picture

Goldfish plant
Goldfish plant is one of the plants that can grow in water

Characteristics of Goldfish Plant

Goldfish plant is a perennial herb of the genus Goldfish in the Gesneriaceae, having a semi-woody base. The stem is oblique ascending, 20-40cm long, green tender stem, old stem reddish brown; Leaves are simple, opposite, ovate, ca. 3-4cm long, apex acute, fleshy, dense green, abaxially red near main veins; Flowers are solitary in leaf axils, about 2-3 CMS, 5 sepals, corolla is lipped, distended lower part, apex 5 lobes, orange red, yellow lobes, interlobes red; Stamens are borne on petals, anthers adherent; goldfish plant has one pistil. The capsule is  similar to the Phalanx family.

The leaves are dark green and thick. Flowers are orange, small mouth, big belly, looks like a goldfish. Seen from a distance like goldfish leisurely roaming in the middle of the green water plants, very interesting and lasting appeal.

Habits of Goldfish Plants

Goldfish plants prefer high temperature, high humidity and negative environments, and try to avoid exposure to the sun. Overexposure to the sun can make the leaves look dull and dull, leading to falling leaves.

The most suitable growth temperature is 18-22 ℃, the continuous temperature is lower than 10℃, the leaves will appear yellow, dry phenomenon. At this time there is a slight vibration and the phenomenon of falling leaves.

In addition to low temperature, when the temperature continues to exceed 30℃, leaves will also fall. goldfish plants grow very slowly or almost stop in summer due to high temperatures. Shading measures should be taken at this time so that they can grow vigorously without shedding their leaves.

Distribution of Goldfish Plant

Goldfish plant is cultivated in Tengchong, Yunnan, and has been introduced into the botanical garden of Yunnan Institute of Botany in recent years (it was introduced in Shanghai). Native Mexico to Central and South America, now is widely cultivated in tropical countries. Goldfish plant is for the beautiful garden ornamental plants.

Goldfish plant

Goldfish Plant Care

1. Soil

Goldfish Plant is short in type and luxurant in foliage. It is suitable for choosing pudgy and wide diameter Flower pots with good permeability. White and beige colors are more suitable.

In terms of soil, we must pay attention to loose and breathable, pot bottoms with ceramic and small stones to do seepage layer, soil preparation, appropriately increase the proportion of perlite and river sand, mixed with ordinary nutrient soil, and appropriately add organic fertilizer and slow release fertilizer can be.

2. Light

In the early maintenance of the Goldfish plant, we were more cautious in light. When the light was insufficient, it grew slowly and hardly bloomed. Later, when we gradually gave direct light for about 3-4 hours, the growth rate was much faster, and a small Goldfish also gradually showed its face. So proper lighting is very important for Goldfish plants! Even if it is a hot summer, but also to give enough light, the morning sunshine is relatively mild, and can give about 3 hours of light.

3. Sewage sludge

Goldfish plants like wet, keep the basin soil slightly wet, general balcony maintenance. The size of the basin is appropriate, you can water once 2-3 days, rain weather to timely drainage. When the air is dry, it adds moisture to the surrounding air.

When planting, add an appropriate amount of base fertilizer (organic fertilizer combined with a little slow-release fertilizer), daily maintenance, every 20 days or so to a water-soluble fertilizer, pregnant stage to 2 times of phosphate and potassium fertilizer, every other month to give a little nutrient solution, amd we can also put some egg shell or bone meal.

4. Diseases and insect pests

It is almost no pests and diseases, but also in the spring and autumn season to give prevention, every other month to give a little insecticide mixed with a little mancozeb or chlorothalonil root irrigation. In daily care, in the basin soil edge, sprinkle with some small white medicine prevention.

5. Pruning

The pruning of goldfish plants is also very simple, hitting the top in time, pruning fruit .

In daily care, clean up the dead flowers and leaves once a week, keep the basin soil clean.
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Goldfish Plant Flower Language

Keep growing, keep flowing, keep trickling.

Goldfish plant

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