Propagation methods of Fiddle-leaf fig

Written by Maggie

Oct 09 2021

Propagation methods of Fiddle-leaf fig

As a common leaf-viewing plant, the Fiddle-leaf fig has a strong effect. It not only looks good, can purify the air, but also has a good feng shui effect, and can be used in medicine. Naturally, there are many flower friends who want to propagate it. But how to propagate Fiddle-leaf fig? Next, follow me to see the propagation methods of Fiddle-leaf fig.

Fiddle-leaf fig

Cutting propagation method of Fiddle-leaf fig

1. Cutting time

For the cutting propagation of Fiddle-leaf fig, first of all, a good time should be selected. For this small series, it is recommended to carry out in spring, when the operation survival rate is higher. However, in addition to soil insertion, water insertion is also optional in Fiddle-leaf fig. 

2. Selection of cuttings

After the time is determined, we will select the cuttings of Fiddle-leaf fig. In a pot pot with a Fiddle-leaf fig, select 1-2 year-old stems, cut them from 20-30 cm away from the pot soil, and cut them into 3-4 stem segments as cuttings.

Cutting requirement: only one leaf should be kept in each section, and the rest should be cut off. In addition, 2/3 to 3/4 of the remaining leaves should be cut off to reduce water evaporation. After the cuttings have been selected, dip the cut in water or with grass ash or other wounds, so as not to outflow SAP.

3. Cuttings start

The cuttings for Fiddle-leaf fig are prepared from river sand or perlite, and then the prepared cuttings are inserted into the cuttings. After that, keep the air humidity around the transplanter, at 25-30℃, it can take root in one month, and then it can be planted in a pot.

Fiddle-leaf fig
Fiddle-leaf fig is one of the best trees for pots

High-pressure propagation method of Fiddle-leaf fig

1. High-pressure time

In addition to cutting, the high-pressure propagation method of Fiddle-leaf fig can also be used under high pressure. According to the growth habits of the High-pressure propagation method of Fiddle-leaf fig, its activity is the highest from April to August, so the high pressure should also be carried out during this period.

2. High-pressure method

On the pot pot of High-pressure propagation method of Fiddle-leaf fig, select the semi-lignified top branch, leave 3-4 leaves on the upper part, and then ring peel on the lower part. After wrapping the wound with moss, and then binding with plastic film, 40 days or so can take root, when it grows to 30 cm or so, you can take the next colonization or on the basin.

In general, the propagation of High-pressure propagation method of Fiddle-leaf fig, no matter cutting or high-pressure species, is easy to survive, but the most suitable for family propagation is still the cutting. Of course, you can choose other methods to propagate according to the actual situation.  

Fiddle-leaf fig
Fiddle Leaf Fig - one of the best indoor trees