How to take care of Swiss cheese plant

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

How to take care of Swiss cheese plant

Swiss cheese plants are a kind of common leaf-watching plant. Its leaves are large and of unique shape. It is evergreen and beautiful all the year round. For the novice of Swiss cheese plants growing, they may not know some of its maintenance skills, such as how to take care of Swiss Cheese Plant leaves blackening. Below are some caring tips of Swiss cheese plants in daily maintenance.

Swiss Cheese Plant

How to care for leaf blackening in Swiss Cheese Plant

1. Water in the basin

The leaves of the Swiss cheese plant turn black in the process of cultivation. It is likely that the root rot in the pot is caused by excessive watering, so that the root is infected by bacteria. At this time, the root rot should be cut off, and then the root should be sprayed with carbendazm for disinfection.

2. Sufficient nutrients

Swiss cheese plants are a kind of plant that needs nutrients very much. If it cannot get enough nutrients, its branches and leaves will appear black phenomenon, and even gradually lose its vitality. It needs to be applied with the appropriate amount of stale cake fertilizer water during the growth period.


In fact, the Swiss cheese plant has a strong cold resistance. If you are accidentally frostbitten in winter, the leaves of the Swiss cheese plant will turn black. At this time, the leaves with frostbite need to be dealt with in time, and then transferred to a warm environment, and try to control the temperature above 5℃ for breeding.

4. Pests and diseases control

If the Swiss cheese plant is accidentally harmed by diseases and insects, it will affect its normal growth in the soil, and also make the leaves of the Swiss cheese plant black and yellow, or even wither and die. It is necessary to cut off the infected branches and leaves, and then transfer them to a ventilated environment, and spray the corresponding insecticides.

Swiss Cheese Plant

How to care for Swiss cheese plant leaf edges yellowing

1. Cool down and protect Swiss cheese plant

Swiss cheese plant is a plant with short sunshine, and its demand for sunshine is not very high. The yellowing of its leaf edges is probably caused by high temperature burns. Generally, it is better to put it in the three seasons of spring and autumn under mild sunshine.

2. Water and fertilizer

If sufficient water and fertilizer is not available in the growing process of Swiss cheese plant, then its leaf edge is easy to turn yellow, so what should we do about the yellow leaf edge of Swiss cheese plant? At this time, we need to evenly sprinkle water around the basin soil, and apply NPK compound fertilizer, wait for the leaves to restore color, and then put them into the sun for normal curing.

3. Soil for Swiss cheese plant

Swiss cheese plant does not have high requirements on the soil, but if it is not suitable for planting in the soil, water and fertilizer cannot be provided in time, then the leaf edge will gradually turn yellow. At this time, it is necessary to replace the Swiss cheese plant with a substrate mixed with leaf rot soil, sand soil and organic fertilizer, which can be mixed in accordance with the ratio of 2:2:1.

4. Disease control

When the Swiss cheese plant suffers from bacterial damage, such as yellow, withered leaves and other diseases that lead to yellowing of the leaf edge, it is necessary to cut it off in time to avoid infection of other branches and leaves, improve its ventilation environment, and spray the Swiss cheese plant with polybalm, vinegar, bordeaux and other liquid to sterilize the plant.

Swiss Cheese Plant