How to Take Care of Ponytail Palm Rot Root & Breaking Stems

Written by Maggie

Feb 01 2023

How to Take Care of Ponytail Palm Rot Root & Breaking Stems

Ponytail Palm is a good ornamental plant, so how to take care of Ponytail Palm rot root and breaking stems? Let's take a look at some caring tips of Ponytail Palm.

Ponytail Palm
Ponytail palm is one of the best trees for pots

How to Take Care of Ponytail Palm Rroot Rot

Ponytail Palm rot root first depends on whether the situation is serious. If it is only slightly rotten, it only needs to be maintained for a period of time to recover. If the root festering is serious, it needs to be removed from the basin to cut off the rotten root system, and then the wound should be disinfected and dried. If there is a problem with the soil, it needs to be replaced before it can be replanted. (Read More: How To Prune A Ponytail Palm Plant)

1. Dry the Soil

If Ponytail Palm rots due to overwatering, this is usually not too serious. Just dry the pot soil by turning it over with a tool and then keeping it in a well-ventilated place for quick drying.
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2. Wash the Basin Soil

If the Ponytail Palm is slightly rotten root due to improper fertilization or thick raw fertilizer application, it can be watered a lot. Flush out the excessive fertilizer in the pot soil, dilute the fertilizer in the soil, and then drain out the water in the pot soil in time and leave it in the shade for maintenance, so it cannot be watered and fertilized in a short time. Read More: How Often to Water Your Ponytail Palm

3. Cut off the Roots Rotted

If Ponytail Palm root festering is serious, remove the pot promptly, cut off the rotten root, and disinfect the wound after cutting it. Smear the wound with grass ash or a solution of Doric bacteria, which will help the wound heal quickly and prevent secondary infection.

4. Replace the Soil

In this case, Ponytail Palm will become infected again even if the rotten root system is cut off. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the soil and replant the Ponytail Palm.

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Ponytail Palm
Ponytail Palm - Most Common House Plant

How to Take Care of Ponytail Palm for Expanding and Enriching the Rhizome

1. Ponytail Palm prefers sandy loam that is fertile, well drained and rich in humus. In selecting culture soil, the proportion of leaf mould soil and rice chaff ash should be increased, and sticky soil should be avoided.

2. During the growth period to strengthen the fertilizer and water management, especially to increase phosphate potash fertilizer, can promote the expansion and enrichment of the root. (Read More: How Big Do Ponytail Palms Get)

How to Take Care of Ponytail Palm Breaking Stems

If Ponytail Palm breaks its stem accidentally, reduces the amount of watering and applies topdressing 1 to 2 times after dry soil in the basin, then the plant will sprout multiple shoots from the broken part. At this time, we can choose to retain the strong, stripping off the bud. Also optional, retain a number of branches bud, let it grow into many branches.

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Ponytail Palm
Ponytail palm - one of the best indoor trees