How to propagate Ponytail palm

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

How to propagate Ponytail palm

There are two propagation methods of Ponytail palm: sowing and cutting. Sowing propagation of Ponytail palm is usually carried out in spring, autumn and winter. Large and plump healthy seeds are soaked for germination, planted in the soil, watered and covered with film, and germinated one week later. Cutting propagation of Ponytail palm is carried out in the spring and autumn, the robust cuttings maintain the room temperature of 20 ~ 30℃, good maintenance after a month will take root.

Ponytail palm sowing propagation

1. Sowing propagation season

Ponytail palm can be propagated by sowing in spring, autumn and winter. Generally, seeds of Ponytail palm can be sown in early spring, late autumn and winter, so that seeds of Ponytail palm can grow better. Planting in this season may encounter low temperature cold waves, remember to do a good job of insulation and cold prevention, to prevent freezing damage.

2. Seed selection for Ponytail palm sowing propagation

Before the sowing propagation of Ponytail palm, sow seeds that are plump and healthy, and then dispose of the selected seeds. Soak the seeds in potassium permanganate solution for 5 minutes, sterilize and disinfect them, then soak them in warm water for 15 minutes, take out and soak them in hot water for half a day.

3. Sowing propagation and maintenance of Ponytail palm

When we carry out Ponytail palm sowing propagation, spread the seeds one by one on the surface of the soil with a toothpick dipped in water, then sprinkle a thin layer of soil on top.Watering, wet the soil, and then cover with a layer of plastic film for heat preservation and moisture, a week or so can germinate.

propagation methods of Ponytail palm
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Ponytail palm cutting propagation

Select branches for cutting propagation

The common propagation method for Ponytail palm is cutting, which are usually made in late spring and early fall. Before cutting propagation, it is necessary to select the appropriate branches on the Ponytail palm, usually 5 ~ 15cm long branches, and ensure that there are about 3 leaf segments on them, and then cut them off.

Ponytail palm cutting process

When we carry out Ponytail palm cutting propagation, the cut should be disinfected, carbendazim solution applied to the wound, then placed in a cool place to dry the wound. Cutting will be processed after the branches directly into the prepared loose soil, good maintenance, 30 days later will successfully grow new roots.

3. Later maintenance of Ponytail palm cutting propagation

After the cutting propagation of Ponytail palm, cutting branches to grow new roots need to have appropriate temperature, the need to control the temperature in 20 ~ 30℃. It should also be placed in a sunny position, so that it receives sufficient light, for better growth of photosynthesis; And to be in the daily maintenance, spray watering water supplement to root.

propagation methods of Ponytail palm
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