How to Propagate Thyme Plant - What to Pay Attention

Written by Maggie

Dec 13 2022

How to Propagate Thyme Plant - What to Pay Attention

Thyme can be propagated by sowing, cutting and division, and master one of the three propagation methods. The following three propagation methods of Thyme are sorted out respectively.

1. Sowing Propagation Method of Thyme

Thyme sowing propagation of thyme can be done in March to April in spring. The first step is to select healthy, plump seeds. The soil can be a mixture of leaf rot soil and sandy loam, and put the soil in a pot and smooth it out at the same time.

When we apply sowing propagation of thyme, keep the pot soil moist, then cover it with a thin layer of fine soil, and cover it with an arched canopy or plastic wrap to keep the seeds warm and moist. The Thyme seed is sown, and in about ten to twelve days the seed will emerge, after which the membrane may be uncovered.

Thyme still needs to keep the soil moist at the seedling stage, and can be potted when the seedlings are 10 to 15 cm high. You can also grow Thyme with Celery for better growth.

2. Cutting Propagation Method of Thyme

Thyme cutting propagation time can be carried out in spring. First to choose strong branches, and cut off the branches, branches about 5 cm long, preferably with terminal buds. If it is the choice of lignified or no terminal bud branches, cuttings after the roots are relatively slow, the root group is sparse.

After the branch for cutting propagation of thyme has handled, direct branch cuttage flowerpot or seedling dish, water protects moisture next, wait patiently for the branch to take root next, generally 3 weeks or so can take root.

3. Division Propagation Method of Thyme

Thyme division propagation can be done in the spring, by first selecting the mother plants which are more than three years old, and then digging them up with roots when they have not sprouted in late spring, and then grouping them according to the size of the bushes, in four to six sections, each of which must have four to five buds.

After the division propagation of thyme, divide the pot to grow thyme and water appropriately after growing.

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