How to Propagate Sun Valley Maple

Written by Maggie

Nov 01 2021

How to Propagate Sun Valley Maple

Because of sun valley maple eye-catching autumn color, clean crown, it is widely used in parks, communities, streets planting, deeply loved by people. How to propagate sun valley maple? Let's look together.

1. Sun Valley Maple Propagation from Seed

Sowing propagation method is also a method that sun valley maple can propagate, but the variation of Sun Valley Maple's sowing propagation is relatively large, so this method is generally not used unless a relatively large number of seedlings are needed.

2. Sun Valley Maple Propagation from Cutting

Sun Valley Maple can also be propagated by cutting, and it is best to use this method when making small bonsai or potted plants. Cuttings are generally carried out during the plum rain period. Choose the current strong principal about 20cm as a cutout, quickly dipped in 1000ppm naphthalene acetic acid powder, inserted into vermiculite or perlite and pool mud in half of the matrix. Pay attention to shade later; Spray moisture, after about 1 month can take root in succession. If there is the condition of all-light spray, 2 years old branches can be used to take root, and the survival rate is high. After transplantation, to shade, after half a month can gradually accept the sun, and to strengthen the management of water and fertilizer.

propagate sun valley maple

3. Sun Valley Maple Propagation from Grafting

Sun Valley Maple can be propagated by grafting. The seedlings of 2-4 years old Acer chickenacer are used as rootstocks. The cutting should be carried out in spring, and the height of rootstocks can be determined according to the needs. The grafting propagation of Sun Valley Maple is carried out in the plum rain season, and leaves are cut off in autumn. This method is only used for a few precious varieties. Bud grafting propagation of Sun Valley Maple is the most common application. Early summer is the growth period of the branches, the full buds on the strong short branches of Sun Valley Maple that year, with 1 cm long petiole as bud grafting. After the grafting, the temperature rose gradually. Although the plastic band was tied after the grafting propagation, the buds and petioles were still exposed. In addition, the cortex of Sun Valley Maple was thin and the buds were small, so regular spray moisturizing should be done after the grafting to improve the survival rate. After autumn bud, the method is basically the same. After receiving a good week, if the petiole has a touch that falls, that has survived, otherwise to fill.

The three propagation methods mentioned above are mainly used for propagation of Sun Valley Maple, but grafting and cutting propagation of Sun Valley Maple are the best for family planting, and the cutting propagation method is simpler, so the breeding of Sun Valley Maple can be selected.

propagate sun valley maple