How to propagate Strawberry Begonia

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

How to propagate Strawberry Begonia

Strawberry Begonia's methods of propagation include sowing and division. Sowing propagation is generally carried out in March to April, after the roots developed, keep the basin soil wet for a long time; Propagation method of division of plant should divide plant directly in a small pot, cool place is placed 2 weeks after the normal conservation. In the hot season it should be placed in a ventilated cool place, to control moisture. The following are these two propagation methods of Strawberry Begonia.

propagation methods of Strawberry Begonia

Strawberry Begonia sowing propagation method

Spring seed selection

Strawberry Begonia was mostly propagated by sowing, with a high survival rate and a very low level of handling, and could be prepared for planting in March and April, when the weather grew warmer, by picking seeds at flowering time or by purchasing them on the market.

Configuration basin soil

Strawberry Begonia is usually grown in moist soil, but if the soil is loose and fertile, it is easier for strawberry begonia seeds to germinate. Under normal conditions, the soil can be made into pot soil by mixing wall soil and leaf leaf soil evenly, and the bottom of the seeding vessel can be padded with clay tiles to facilitate the germination of seeds.

Sowing propagation  

Strawberry Begonia was given the best way to breed after the seeds were selected and prepared by softening them and then spraying them with carbendazim to disinfect them, which allowed them to be sown to a depth of 1cm and protected them from pests and diseases.

Management measures after sowing propagation

Strawberry Begonia seeds can be planted in a semi-shade for up to a week, sprayed with water and kept at about 20 ° C to allow the seeds to germinate and grow.

propagation methods of Strawberry Begonia

Division propagation method of Strawberry Begonia

Season to apply division propagation

Strawberry Begonia division propagation in spring, summer, fall and winter, but the winter is colder and the summer is hotter, with the spring and autumn being the best.

Division propagation method

Late spring or early autumn will be creeping on the small plants cut, concentrated in shallow culture pot, one plant per pot, covered with glass or plastic film, pay attention to maintain a high humidity, until the root system developed and then planted in a small pot.

We also can divide plantlets directly in a small pot, pour water permeable, and place in a damp place, about 2 weeks can restore growth.

If planted in the rock garden, it can be planted in the north of the rock, in order to avoid direct sunlight.

If potted, each potted seedling can be suspended in front of the window under the eaves, letting its creeping drooping.

Seedling maintenance after division  propagation

Water should be sprayed frequently to improve the ambient humidity. Burning hot season should be placed in a ventilated cool place, controlling moisture.

After the recovery of growth in autumn, it is necessary to increase watering and apply thin liquid fertilizer 2 times a week. Fertilizer should be applied under the leaves to avoid staining the foliage and affecting growth.

propagation methods of Strawberry Begonia