How to propagate Southern maidenhair fern

Written by Maggie

Jan 28 2021

How to propagate Southern maidenhair fern

The Southern Maidenhair fern is an amazing plant that can reproduce on its leaves. Of course, it's also called spore propagation, and if Southern Maidenhair Fern leaves are strong enough, they'll grow a lot of spores on the back. Now, let's see the propagation methods of Southern Maidenhair fern.

propagation methods of Southern Maidenhair fern

Southern Maidenhair fern division propagation method

Division propagation is the longest used propagation method in southern maidenhair Fern. Division propagation can be carried out indoors in all seasons, but it is most suitable to combine and change pots in early spring.

First prepare a few small pots and fill them with soil. Remove the mother plant from the pot, cut off the aging rhizome, and divide the plant into several clusters with a knife. Each cluster is required to have a rhizome and leaves.

Then plant the plants separately in small pots, and then cover the roots and stems with soil, watering them and then put them in a cool place for maintenance.

Southern Maidenhair fern spore propagation method  

Spore propagation means that leaves with spores are sprinkled in wet soil, which does not need to be covered with soil. The evaporation of water is used to promote leaf growth. The specific methods are as follows:

Before carrying out spore propagation of Southern Maidenhair fern, peat and sand should be disinfected, exposed to the sun or irrigated with disinfectant. Then place the soil in a shallow pot and water it well. Cut off spore bearing leaves.

Spread spore for propagation-bearing leaves in shallow pots without soil. Cover them with glass sheets and soak water from the bottom of the pot to keep the soil moist.

Put the flowerpot in the environment of 20~25℃ half shade, a month or so can grow new leaves, after the full pot can be transplanted.

propagation methods of Southern Maidenhair fern