How to propagate red raspberry

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

How to propagate red raspberry

Red Raspberry is a woody plant of Rosaceae. Red Raspberry fruit is sweet and sour and nutritious. Long-term consumption of Red Raspberry can effectively protect the heart and prevent hypertension, etc., which is favored by some consumers. In the process of growing Red raspberry, it is essential to do a good job of propagation. So, how do you propagate Red raspberry? Now the propagation method of Red raspberry is introduced as follows.

propagation method of Red raspberry

Root tiller propagation of red raspberry

The underground stem of Red raspberry produces a certain number of roots and tillers each year. After a few years, one plant grows into a cluster. During the dormant period of Red Raspberry from late autumn to early spring, we can carry out the root tiller propagation of red raspberry. The mother plants were dug out, and the root system and the branches at the top of the ground were properly pruned, and then divided into several plants with false or fixed values.

Buried root propagation of red raspberry

When we apply buried root propagation of red raspberry, use the 0.6 cm thick lateral root that comes down when dig root tiller seedling pruning, cut to grow about 10 cm root segment, insert seedbed, then can take root and germinate. Cultivate after 1 year, dig out with root, replant.

propagation method of Red raspberry

Cutting propagation of red raspberry

Cut the annual branches for red raspberry cutting propagation before budding in early spring, or cut them in late autumn and cut them in next spring.To make cuttings robust, can be at pruning a few days before the pick bud, in order to promote twig enrichment, advantageous survival. Cut the branches into 15 x 20 cm cuttings, one end of the cuttings should be treated with 500 mg/l naphthalene acetic acid for 10 seconds. Then insert into the seedbed according to the row spacing of 10×5 cm, cover the seedbed with film to keep heat and keep the soil moist. Seedling 50 cm high can be nursery planting.

Layering propagation of red raspberry

When we carry out layering propagation of red raspberry, the 8-4 years of life have been flowering, robust growth of the plant as the mother plant. In summer near the ground of the annual branches pressed into the soil, the soil part of the branches cut, and it can grow new slightly and adventitious roots. In the second year of spring it can be laid out of the seedling cut off from the mother and grow another plant.

propagation method of Red raspberry

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