How to grow red raspberry in pots

Written by Maggie

Jan 28 2021

How to grow red raspberry in pots

Red raspberries are sweet and sour, juicy and fragrant, and are favored by many consumers. Red raspberries are valuable food material for both medicine and food, and have many effects. Today, we will introduce the steps to grow Red raspberries.

1. Choose the basin for growing red raspberries

Choose the flowerpot of 35~40cm, also we can use an earthen pot, wooden bucket, but the bottom should have a water leakage hole.

grow Red raspberries

2. Prepare the basin soil for growing red raspberries

Potted Red raspberry is limited by the container. Use fertile loose soil, water and fertilizer, good aeration performance of the soil, and the ideal is natural leaf rot soil.

3. Trim the potted Red raspberries when growing

After the seedlings are placed in the pot, they can be leveled at the height of 3~5cm. When the new shoot grows to 20cm, can pick off the top of each branch (pick the heart), promote the germination of new lateral branches, lateral branches grow to 20cm, and then pick the heart, repeatedly pick the heart to autumn, the next year can be flowering fruit.

grow Red raspberries

4. Water the potted for red raspberries when growing

Spring temperature is low, and watering can not be too much, 2~3 days once as well; Summer temperature is high, and transpiration is large, so can increase the number of watering and ground water cooling; Reduce the frequency of watering in autumn. Every watering to permeate but not seepage is appropriate.

5. Fertilize the potted red raspberries when growing

Potted Red raspberry plants rely on top fertilizer to supplement their nutritional needs. Fertilizer fermentation can add water, combined with watering. Fertilizers should be applied less and more frequently.

6. Potted red raspberries care after growing

Red raspberry plants will start to hibernate after falling leaves in November. When we grow red raspberries in pots, the ideal place is in the outdoor cellar. If there is no cellar, it can be placed in the corridor, basement and other cool places. The temperature must be controlled between 5C °~ -5C °. If the temperature is too high, the Red raspberry will germinate in advance. If the temperature is too low, Red raspberry will be frozen. When we grow red raspberries in pots, always check the humidity, that is, to control watering, and to maintain a certain humidity basin soil, so as not to be dormant, neglect watering, root thirst and death. In addition, potted Red raspberry has a characteristic. When we grow red raspberries in pots, if the winter management conditions are good, the temperature and humidity reach the growth conditions of Red raspberry, Red raspberry will not shed leaves, and will continue to grow.

grow Red raspberries