How to propagate Peacock moss

Written by Maggie

Jan 23 2021

How to propagate Peacock moss

Peacock Moss can be propagated by cutting and planting. Flowering friends can choose suitable propagation methods according to their own conditions. The following steps summarize these two propagation methods of Peacock moss respectively.

propagation methods of Peacock moss

1. Cutting propagation method of Peacock moss

Peacock Moss cutting propagation can be done in conjunction with spring pruning by cutting the cuttings into 5 cm long cuttings and inserting them directly into the soil and keeping the soil warm and the air moist.

Generally, it will take root after about 2 weeks of insertion, and it will spread and grow rapidly.

In addition, you can also cut off 3 ~ 5 cm of shoots with roots in the spring, spread them on the pot, cover them with fine humus soil, and show 1 ~ 2cm of the top part. Pour permeable water with a fine watering, put it in the shade, and a few days later it can be managed.

2. Plant division propagation method of Peacock moss

The time for division propagation of Peacock Moss can be done in April or May when the pot is repotted. First remove the dense growing clumps and pot them. After dividing them separately, the pot can be cured in a damp environment.

propagation methods of Peacock moss