How to propagate paddle plant

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

How to propagate paddle plant

Like other succulents, the Paddle plant is propagated by means of leaf insertion, and can be propagated by stem insertion and sowing. The middle insert involves inserting Paddle plant leaves into the soil; Paddle plant stems are inserted into the soil as cuttings. Sowing propagation is the scattering of Paddle plant seeds into the soil. Now, let's look at the propagation methods of the Paddle plant. 

propagation methods of the Paddle plant.

Paddle plant leaf insertion propagation method

1. Time for Paddle plant leaf insertion propagation: select a good time for Paddle insertion in plants, such as a sunny morning in spring and autumn. When the climate is suitable, it is more conducive to rooting survival after Paddle insertion.

2. Leaf selection for paddle plant propagation: select a well-growing leaf of the Paddle plant, cut it off, and then put it in a cool place, let the wound dry after the leaf insertion.

3. Paddle plant leaf insertion propagation process: prepare a pot of coarse sand or nachite and vermiculite mixed media, appropriate amount of water to maintain moisture, and then insert the cuttings into the soil to prevent rain and strong light (shading about 40%), about 20-35 days will take root.

Paddle plant steam insertion propagation method

Paddle plants have strong, branching stems, so how do paddle plants propagate? You can also use the stem Paddle propagation method (the stem Paddle plant is suitable for growing in vain). Paddle plant steam insertion propagation method is not hard: in Paddle plants, pick the stalks that grow strongly, cut off the top part, preferably with leaves, and insert them in to wait for the growth. According to the experience of growers, the survival rate of stem insertion is higher than that of leaf insertion.

propagation methods of the Paddle plant.

Paddle plant sowing propagation method

Paddle plants produce seeds after flowering, so the propagation method of a Paddle plant can also be used by sowing propagation. Because the seeds of Paddle plants are light brown and quite small, they can be planted in shallow trays. After sowing, cover with a thin layer of sand, and cover the shallow dish with plastic to keep the moisture. It will sprout in about 15 to 30 days.

Paddle plants take a long time to the sowing propagation, and can be planted in pots after the seedlings grow up. The soil can be made up of 4 parts of coarse river sand, 4 parts of fine river sand, and 1 part of mixed soil (1 part of organic culture soil, 1 part of pearl stone, and 1 part of vermiculite), and then it can be cured in POTS according to the cultivation method of Paddle Plant.

In general, to propagate Paddle plants, whether in leaf, stem or seed, can survive and the operation is not difficult. You can choose the method to propagate Paddle plants according to the actual situation. I hope I can help you with the propagation methods of Paddle plants.
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