How to Propagate Kalanchoe Millotii

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

How to Propagate Kalanchoe Millotii

For most of the succulents the main propagation method is cuttings and leaf transplanting and the Kalanchoe Millotii propagation advice is to give priority to cuttings with leaf transplanting because it's easier to propagate the succulents and it's a little more difficult to propagate the leaves. Cutting propagation of Kalanchoe Millotii is recommended as the leaves of Kalanchoe Millotii are not thick and fleshy.  

Kalanchoe millotii leaf insertion propagation 

When we carry out Kalanchoe millotii leaf insertion propagation, take strong, mature fleshy leaves, dry for 1 to 2 days and lay them on sand or vermiculite, pay attention to make the base of the leaves closely combined with the cutting medium, and then keep wet.

propagate Kalanchoe Millotii

Kalanchoe millotii cutting propagation

When we carry out Kalanchoe millotii cutting propagation, cut off the branches of the plant, and then air in the shade for a day to dry the wound can be cuttage on the basin, after the basin in the cool and ventilated place slow seedlings.

Care for propagating Kalanchoe millotii 

Kalanchoe millotii has a relatively faster growth rate. kalanchoe millotii prefer light, covered, than were the summer or the mild light plenty of cases with a white blade, the lack of light could be transformed into green leaves and slowly falling down, but the summer shade as far as possible, and to avoid blade residual moisture, otherwise it's easy to get sunburned. When we propagating kalanchoe millotii, Kalanchoe Millotii doesn't need much water. It can be dried and watered thoroughly. It can tolerate light frost damage and very high temperatures as long as the surface is not wet for long periods of time.Kalanchoe millotii is easy to grow in groups. When it grows later, the lower leaves dry and fall off. The lower stem becomes bare and less mushy than when it grows as a seedling.

propagate Kalanchoe Millotii
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