How to propagate Juniperus procumbens

Written by Maggie

Jan 27 2021

How to propagate Juniperus procumbens

Juniperus procumbens is quite adaptable and is grown for viewing in many places, so what’s the propagation method of Juniperus procumbens? Now, let's see the cutting propagation method of Juniperus procumbens.

propagation method of Juniperus procumbens

1. Seedbed preparation for Juniperus procumbens cutting propagation

Porpagating Juniperus procumbens beds need to choose relatively flat topography, soil drainage is better, had better be to choose silty loam, the seedbed of width is 120 cm, height of 30 cm, seedbed above can also be covered with a layer of 8 cm lime and 5 cm of fine sand, so can effectively improve the permeability of the soil. At the same time, the effect of water will be better. It is also important to note that the day before the cuttings must be disinfected with the soil, so as to prevent bacterial infection and improve the survival rate.

2. Selection of cuttings for Juniperus procumbens cutting propagation

Choose the tender branches of Juniperus procumbens for cutting propagation, but they must be well developed and have not been attacked by pests and diseases. They must be between six and ten centimeters long, and they should be cut flat and the top should be kept. There are two or three leaves left on the branches. Cutting down after good treatment must be timely cuttings, or the survival rate of stale branches will be reduced.

for Juniperus procumbens cutting propagation

3. Juniperus procumbens cutting propagation time

The best time for Juniperus procumbens cutting propagation to choose is in summer, the temperature in this period is relatively high, the rain is more, and the sunshine is also very sufficient, so as to be conducive to rooting, earlier or later than this period is not good. In addition, the depth of cuttage probably maintains at 2.5 centimeters, row spacing is generally 5 centimeters to 10 centimeters.

4. Post-management of Juniperus procumbens cutting propagation

After cutting propagation of Juniperus procumbens, the most important work is to do a good job of shading and spraying water, must control the temperature and humidity.

1. Spraying water immediately after cutting propagation, so that branches and culture substrate can be closely combined, which is conducive to the rooting and nutrient absorption of Juniperus procumbens.

2. Set a shade for the breeding bed, and pay attention to check the temperature frequently in the later stage. The temperature should be kept between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.

3. Normally but also be in shade relative between 80% and 85% relative humidity, especially we need to pay attention to the propagation of moist state matrix, but also not too wet, otherwise can also cause the occurrence of roots rotted, air humidity can be done by spraying, spraying with a watering can, along with the roots and leaves should be sprayed in place.

4. There is another work that must be done after cutting propagation Juniperus procumbens, that is weeding and pest control. In the later stage, after the cuttings take root, the shading can be removed, and the sun basking time of Juniperus procumbens can be extended appropriately.

for Juniperus procumbens cutting propagation