How to propagate elephant bush

Written by Maggie

Feb 01 2021

How to propagate elephant bush

How to propagate the Elephant bush? Sowing and cuttage are generally used for propagation. Of course, grafting and layering can also be used for propagation. Now, let's look at these 4 propagation methods of elephant bush.

propagation methods of elephant bush

1. Cutting propagation method of elephant bush

The cuttage propagation method of Elephant bush is a commonly used one. Elephant bush can be cut throughout the year, usually in spring and autumn, usually in early April or September to October.

First of all, choose strong and plump branches, short internode stem as cuttings, and cut down. Put in a cool environment for a few days, to be cut after dry cuttings, cuttings keep basin soil dry, do not water too much, after 15~20 days will slowly take root.

2. Sowing propagation method of elephant bush

Elephant bush seeding is also commonly used as a propagation method. The operation of elephant bush sowing propagation is very simple and does not require too many tools. Besides, the survival rate of seeding is also high, so it is commonly used by Flower friends.

The pot for planting Elephant bush should not be too small. In order to avoid frequent replacement of large pots in the future, it is suggested to choose a 35-40cm pot at the beginning of planting. Then load loose, fertile soil, the prepared seeds planted, a pot of 2~3 can be.

After sowing propagation of elephant bush, cover with plastic bags, ensure certain humidity, and peel off the plastic bags after emergence.

When the Elephant Bush sprouts, the first Elephant Bush sprouts are very similar to the Portulaca oleracea, but don't worry. After a while, the stem of the Elephant Bush will slowly thicken and become discolored. Then you will see the difference.

3. Grafting propagation method of elephant bush

When we carry out the grafting propagation method of elephant bush, cut the branches of current year purslane as scion, and the scion should not be too long. Cut the two sides of the base of the scion into a duck bill shape. Then choose the older Elephant bush stump as rootstock, cut all the lateral branches short, and then combine the scion with the rootstock.

Then use plastic bags to tie up the interface, potted in the half shade, do not let the interface encounter water, 10~15 days will survive.

4. Layering propagation method of elephant bush

The Layering propagation method of elephant bush is the process of crushing down the longer stems of the Elephant bush and burying the branches in the ground. The broken branches will slowly grow and form new plants.  Layering propagation method of elephant bush can generally be carried out when the branches of Elephant bush are long, so as to avoid pulling the plants and affecting the growth of roots.

propagation methods of elephant bush