How to propagate Cinnamomum Kotoense

Written by Maggie

Dec 25 2020

How to propagate Cinnamomum Kotoense

Cinnamomum Kotoense was used to be propagated by seeding and cuttings. Besides, flower lovers can also try to propagate it with layering.

Cinnamomum Kotoense

Seed propagation of Cinnamomum Kotoense

In south China, it can be used in September to October on sowing violet black fruit, washing the fruit pulp, floating to the empty flat kind of grain, standing in the shade to dry, but increases with the increasing mining. If because of the bad weather or soil is not yet ready, we can't immediately sow, but we need to store seeds in wet sand, in the shade.

Pay attention to prevent seed grain mildew. After the seed grain cracks exposed white, then go to the ground for sowing or bagging. For seeds without sand storage to accelerate germination, immerse the seeds with 0.3% formalin solution for 30 minutes before sowing, pour out the excess liquid, seal it for 2 hours, then rinse the liquid adhering to the seed seed coat with clear water, then soak the seeds with clear water for 24 hours, then the germination rate can be improved.

If the seeds are not disinfected, the seeds can be soaked directly in warm water at 40 ℃ or so, and the germination rate can also be improved. It is usually divided into rows 20 cm to 25 cm apart, plants 5 cm to 7 cm apart, covered with soil thickness 1.5 cm to 2 cm, covered with straw for moisture, germination can be done after 20 to 30 days.

Keep the seedbed moist, remove the grass covering twice to three times after 1/3 of the seed grain is unearthed, and then put up a canopy for shade. When the seedlings grow out of 3 to 4 true leaves, liquid fertilizer can be applied once a month. After autumn, the application can be stopped to do a good job in preventing cold. The temperature of the shed should be no less than 5℃ for wintering. Because its plant fibrous root is few, transplanting should be carried out as early as possible, or implement a sand bed to accelerate bud, bud seedling transplanting bag to plant. In the southern region implement bag sowing or bag planting to produce commodity seedling, the effect is very good.

Cinnamomum Kotoense

Cinnamomum Kotoense cutting propagation methods

Cinnamomum Kotoense cutting is from April to May in the first half of the year, and September to October in the second half of the year. When the temperature was 22℃ to 28℃, it was the best time. When cutting with nutrient pot or flowerpot, the matrix uses pure vermiculite or vermiculite: peat =1∶1 ratio. The substrate before cutting should be disinfected, and can be perfused with 0.1% potassium permanganate or dixone 600 to 800 times liquid or exposed to sunlight.

The cuttings should choose the branches with strong top advantages, semi-lignified, healthy and full, no bacterial infection, bright green leaves. It is best to cut in the morning when there is dew or on a cloudy day. Cut cuttings 10 to 15 cm long and leave 2 to 3 leaves to reduce water loss.

Keep 3cm to 5cm at the bottom of the cuttings and cut them into a bevel. Immerse the base of the cut cuttings in rooting solution (2.5 g / 2kg, slow immersion for 2 to 3 hours, fast immersion for 0.2 kg, 15 to 30 seconds) or in strong rooting agent (each bag of 5 g / 0.5kg, soak the base for 16 to 20 hours). After soaking, remove and insert into the matrix 3cm to 5cm.

If it's too shallow, it's easy to fall down, if it's too deep, it's easy to rot. Every small pot should be cuttaged a seedling, cuttings after pouring permeable water until the bottom of the basin has water out. Cover the whole cuttings with plastic bags, keep 100% humidity, and keep them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Cuttage about 4 days after pouring a permeable, in the north, every time when watering a few drops of hydrochloric acid or a few drops of edible vinegar, maintaining pH5.8 or so, cuttage is easy to survive. When the substrate humidity is high, do not water, but should keep the substrate moist, environmental relative humidity about 80%. Watering less, cuttings die of drought, watering too much, will cause wound tissue mildew rot.

Put on plastic bags in about 15 days and take them off in about 20 days. After taking off plastic, sooner or later can increase weak sunshine to shine time, after 25 days begin to take root, a month or so can grow 1 centimeter to 2 centimeter long new root. The roots can grow 5 to 6 cm long in 2 months. Old leaves do not fall off, produce new roots, that cuttage seedlings survive.

In this period, a large pot should be poured, and the proportion of the substrate is the ratio of leaf mould to fine yarn or sandy loam. Pour basin, cuttage seedling belt matrix pulled up, planted into a large basin, and then filled with a good matrix, pouring through water. After a week, we can apply compound fertilizer 1‰ concentration. When the plant is pumping new leaves, it can be watered once a month by thin cake fertilizer water.

In autumn, the potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution of 0.3% can be continuously applied for two times, so as to increase the cold resistance of the plants, promote the early lignification of the tender shoots, and make them survive the winter safely. Fertilizer should not be applied with raw fertilizer, heavy fertilizer and big fertilizer. Especially, high concentration of chemical fertilizer should be banned. Otherwise, it is easy to cause fertilizer to damage the root, cause the leaves to turn yellow, dry and scorch, and kill the plant.

Cinnamomum Kotoense