Cinnamomum Kotoense care guide

Written by Maggie

Dec 25 2020

Cinnamomum Kotoense care guide

Cinnamomum Kotoense is planted in houses, which offers interesting quilted foliage and responds well to pruning and shaping. It has high ornamental value so many people put it in their rooms for decoration. How to care for it when growing. The following are some care tips of Cinnamomum Kotoense.

Cinnamomum Kotoense

How to care for Cinnamomum Kotoense leaves having macular spots

Cinnamomum Kotoense leaves having macular spots were caused by rottenness, so we need to timely deal with it. Root rot should be removed from the basin, and then root pruning and disinfection after replanting. Pay attention to water and fertilizer should not be excessive and the basin soil should be loose, so as not to rot roots again; Diseases and insect pests should be removed in time to spray liquid treatment, 10 days or so spraying the bacteria will be removed, keep a good ventilation environment, make it healthy growth.

1. Trim the roots

Cinnamomum Kotoense had yellow spots on the leaves that were probably long spots when the roots rotted, and that led to poor growth of the whole plant. cinnamomum kotoense was treated to take pots from the soil, and then pruning rotted roots, and then disinfecting and drying wounds and planting and curing.

Also pay attention to the long spotted leaves cut off, and do a good job in the late maintenance, keep the basin soil loose and breathable. Change the basin once a year. Cinnamomum Kotoense's roots were exposed to water that rotted roots and that was fertilizing and burning roots that made yellow spots appear again.

2. Spray sterilization

When Cinnamomum Kotoense has macular spots, you could spray with liquid. When leaf spots, anthrax or scale insects occur, they can damage the leaves and develop macular appearance. It is necessary to spray the liquid promptly and remove the leaves to prevent infection.

Cinnamomum Kotoense was used with three to four spraying of bactericidal and insecticidal solution every ten days. Then keep it in normal maintenance to remain healthy. Attention should be paid to keep its growth environment well ventilated, and the temperature should not be too high, to avoid the formation of a stuffy environment, bacteria breeding again.

Cinnamomum Kotoense

How to care for watering Cinnamomum Kotoense too much

When water Cinnamomum Kotoense too much, it would cause roots to rot and yellow leaves to fall off. You needed to replace the soil and replant. When roots are rotten, you need to be pruned, soak the soil with carbendazim solution for half an hour before planting.

Results of watering Cinnamomum Kotoense too much

1. Root rot

Cinnamomum Kotoense could not absorb all the water if you water too much, which caused rotted roots to soak for a long time, affecting the absorption of water in the later period.

2. Leaves fall and become yellow

Water poured more if not timely discharge, its leaves will gradually appear withered and yellow and fall phenomenon, serious when still can cause plants. So it's best to control the amount of water you use on a regular basis, and water it every three days or so, just to keep the soil moist.  Solutions for watering Cinnamomum Kotoense too much

3. Change soil and remove basin

The soil has been soaked in a lot of water. Take the plants out and replace the soil. Put the plants in a cool place and let them dry.

4. Trim the roots

If watering is too much and the roots are already rotting, trim off all the rotting roots, dilute them with carbendym and let them soak for half an hour, then plant them in dry soil, or trim off the leaves if they are dry.

5. Drying the soil

If too much watering can also be placed in the soil in a cool astigmatism environment drying, remove water from the soil before planting. During the period it can not be too much watering, to ensure that the basin soil is half dry and half wet. It's best to slow it down for a while and then move it to an astigmatic environment.

Cinnamomum Kotoense