How to Propagate Cast Iron Plant from Division

Written by Maggie

Oct 14 2021

How to Propagate Cast Iron Plant from Division

Cast-iron plants can be propagated by division, and division operation of Cast-iron plants is not difficult. The following steps of how to divide cast iron plant are summarized to help flower friends better propagate Cast-iron plants.

1. Cast-iron plants Division Propagation Time

Harvesting of cast-iron plants can be carried out in spring when the temperature rises. Harvesting of cast-iron plants can be carried out in early spring in combination with changing pots.

2. Divide the Cast-iron plants for propagation

Before the division propagation of Cast-iron plants, first remove the mother plant from the pot and shake off any excess soil. Then separate the tangled roots as much as possible. Then cut the cast iron plant open with a sharp knife and divide it into two or more plants.

Remember that each separate plant must have a root system, at the same time, the need to separate out of the plant, the leaves of the appropriate pruning, so that each cluster with 3 ~ 5 leaves, this is more conducive to survival.

propagate Cast-iron plants
Cast-iron Plant - Most Common House Plant

3. Plant Disinfection before Division Propagation

Before Cast-iron plants division propagation, divide the small strains in chlorothalonil 1500 times the liquid soak for about five minutes, and then take out cool dry, out of the pot can be planted.

4. Care after cast-iron plants division propagation

After the division propagation, cast-iron plants should be irrigated or watered once after they are separated into pots. Because the roots of Cast-iron plants are greatly damaged and their water absorption capacity is very weak, it takes about 3 ~ 4 weeks to recover the germination of new roots. Therefore, it is necessary to water them in moderation during the 3 ~ 4 weeks after they are separated to avoid root rot.

After the division propagation of Cast-iron plants, in order to maintain the water balance of cast-iron plant leaves, it is recommended to spray the leaves 1 ~ 3 times a day. Spray more if the ambient temperature is high, spray less or not at low temperature.

In addition, do not pour fertilizer during this period of time, but also do not want too strong light, as long as placed in the shade shed maintenance.

propagate Cast-iron plants