How to propagate baby sun rose

Written by Maggie

Jan 28 2021

How to propagate baby sun rose

Autumn is more suitable for cutting Baby Sun Rose, or it will wait until spring. The following is the cutting propagation method of baby sun rose.

cutting propagation method of baby sun rose

1. Cutting propagation time of baby sun rose

Baby Sun Rose cutting propagation time in spring and autumn is more suitable, especially in the spring to survive. It is autumn now, ready for cuttings of Baby Sun Rose flower friends.

2. Soil preparation for cutting propagation of baby sun rose

The cuttage soil for Baby Sun Rose propagation must be loose and breathable, and also have a certain water retention ability. The soil needs to add an appropriate amount of bottom fertilizer.

Therefore, the soil can be mixed with four parts of sand + three parts of coconut soil + two parts of earthworm soil + one part of eggshell.

3. Cuttings selection for baby sun rose propagation

Generally, Flower friends can select strong branches from the mother plant of Baby Sun Rose and cut them off for cutting propagation. Then cut the branches into a small section of 3 to 5cm with a knife, and cut the lower end of the branches diagonally. After the branches are disposed of, put the branches in a ventilated and cool place to dry the wound.

4. Baby sun rose cutting propagation method

After the wound is dry, flower friends can insert the Baby Sun Rose branches directly into the soil and carry out cutting propagation. At the same time, it needs to be watered once, and then the pot is moved to a cool and ventilated place for maintenance.In addition, before the Baby sun rose takes root, it does not need to be watered again to avoid the rotting branches.

General cuttage after 15-20 days or so, branches will take root and survive, and leaves will slowly grow up.

5. Curing after baby sun rose cutting propagation

When the Baby sun rose takes root and grows new leaves after cutting propagation, it can be repot, put the Baby sun rose into a slightly larger pot, and add nutritive soil to make the growth of the Baby sun rose continue.

Of course, if you want the Baby sun rose to blossom quickly, you need to control water treatment and spray 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution to urge the flower.

cutting propagation method of baby sun rose