How to propagate Asiatic dogwood

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

How to propagate Asiatic dogwood

How to propagate Asiatic dogwood? Asiatic Dogwood is a traditional and precious woody Chinese medicinal material in China. It is not only widely used in medicine, but also contains 16 kinds of amino acids in its fruit, which is rich in elements needed by the human body and favored by consumers. In order to realize the high efficiency and high income of Asiatic dogwood planting, it is very important to master the propagation method of Asiatic dogwood. Now the propagation method of Asiatic Dogwood is introduced as follows:

Sowing propagation method of Asiatic dogwood

Before Asiatic Dogwood sowing propagation, we must first choose a good seedling, the leveling, fine, to ensure loose, fine, flat, no roots, no stone tiles, and into a certain amount of basic fertilizer.

The second step to asiatic dogwood sowing propagation is to choose healthy and good mother trees. Pick the ripe fruit in autumn, full and large, free from pests and diseases, without damage, and dark red color. Remove pulp, after disinfection treatment, reserved for use. Wet sand and seeds can be mixed sand storage, the next spring can be harvested and planted.If autumn sowing, you only need to soak the seeds in warm water at no less than 70℃ before sowing, and then cover them with film to accelerate germination after planting.

The spring sowing propagation of Asiatic Dogwood is mainly carried out before and after the vernal equinox. The seeds hidden in the sand are dug out and planted. The seeds are evenly scattered in the ditch according to the row spacing of 30cm and a shallow ditch about 5cm deep is opened on the seedling ground, and the soil is 3-4cm. After this to keep the soil moist, generally 40 to 50 days can emerge.

propagation method of Asiatic Dogwood

Layering propagation method of Asiatic Dogwood

The layering propagation of Asiatic Dogwood is generally carried out after the autumn fruit harvest or before the thawing of the ground and bud initiation.

The Asiatic Dogwood near the ground two or three years old branches bent to the ground, the branches buried in the soil, covered with 15 centimeters of sandy soil, branch tip exposed to the ground.Watering, with its roots, will have long roots of the laminating and separate from the mother plant, another transplanting.

Cutting propagation method of Asiatic Dogwood

Cut branches 15-20cm long from the excellent mother plant of Asiatic Dogwood, keep 2 ~ 4 leaves, and insert them into the nursery bed made by mixing humus soil and fine sand.

After Asiatic Dogwood cutting propagation, pour enough water first, cover agricultural film, maintain the temperature of 26 ~ 30℃, relative humidity 60% ~ 80%, appropriate shading, strengthen water and fertilizer management, in late autumn and early winter or the next year early spring can start seedlings planting.

propagation method of Asiatic Dogwood