How to propagate Armenian plum

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to propagate Armenian plum

Apricot is a well-known fruit in China. Apricot grows on Armenian plum. It is a kind of fruit tree planted in a large atmosphere in China. What are the methods of propagating Armenian Plums? The following we will take you to have a look, so that you can also learn to propagate Armenian plum.

propagate Armenian plum

1. Grafting propagation of Armenian plum

The method of grafting propagation is used to propagate, usually not in order to produce more offspring, but in order to produce excellent varieties suitable for growers and those with time to spend.The grafting method is not suitable for private users to reproduce.

First of all, we can choose apricot and peach as rootstocks, and then cut the branches of armenian plum into the shape of a duck's mouth, and then we can connect the rootstocks, and then tie the joint with a rope. Raise the ambient temperature and keep the ventilation, it will not be long to be able to germinate and grow.

2. Cutting propagation method of Armenian plum

Choose a healthy branch of Armenian plum that is not sick and cut about 15 centimeters. When we apply the cutting propagation method of Armenian plum, the wound is best cut diagonally, so that the cuttings will take root better. The cuttings of the Armenian plum were then disinfected with carbendazim and placed in a cool place to dry. At this time, we need to prepare the pot soil of Chinese plum cuttings for propagation. It is best to lose the soil, and then the soil should be disinfected with carbendazim, or placed under the sun for three days to disinfect.

Soil and cuttings are ready finished, abt on cuttings, then Armenian name plum rose cuttings cutting into the soil, cutting depth for a third of the cuttings is enough, right above the cuttings had better have 2 ~ 3 leaf, so that more conducive to the cuttings to take root, basically maintained a month cuttings could germinate.

3. Sowing propagation method of Armenian plum

First of all, you can buy the seeds of Armenian plum for sowing propagation, and then choose to sow them in spring and autumn, because at this time, the temperature of more than ten degrees is the best growth period of Armenian plum. But the soil must be ready to sow loose breathable soil, and then put in the sun exposure disinfection.

After that, the seeds of the Armenian plum were soaked in water. Then, the seeds of the Armenian plum were planted in the soil and placed in a place with light and ventilation for maintenance. After about a month of sowing propagation of Armenian plum, it can take root and germinate, and then it can be cured in the same way as the Armenian plum.

propagate Armenian plum