How to propagate Agave

Written by Maggie

Jan 21 2021

How to propagate Agave

As a plant with strong ornamental value, Agave can be raised both indoors and outdoors. Its tall and straight green leaves make people happy to see it. However, Agave only blooms once in its life, and it will die quickly after blooming. Therefore, in order to keep the beauty intact, it is imperative to propagateAgave. Then, how to propagate Agave?Here are three methods of Agave propagation. Let's learn about them.

methods of Agave propagation

Cutting propagation of Agave

When it comes to the propagation method of Agave, the flower friends must first think of cutting propagation, because it is applicable to almost all plants. Of course, Agave is no exception. It is understood that in the growth process of Agave, some side buds sometimes grow out, and these side buds can be used as cuttings for cuttings propagation. The specific methods are as follows:

During the growing season of Agave, the budding buds (usually in the axils of the leaves) are found, removed, and hung out in the shade for a week. After the bud wound is dry, plant it in the well-drained and breathable culture soil, and it will be easy to take root and survive. After that, you can follow the normal curing of Agave, and the survival rate is very high!

Division propagation of Agave

Apart from cutting propagation, division propagation is also one of the propagation methods of Agave, which is also carried out during the growing season. At this time, flower friends can be combined with the spring repot, in the repot soil at the same time, plant multiplication, so do two birds with one stone, so this method is the most commonly used. The specific operation is as follows:

After pulling out Agavee, remove the germinating seedlings from the base of the old plants, and add the plants with roots to pot plants directly. If the seedling doesn't have a root system, it doesn't matter. Insert it into the sand bed, take root, and then pot it. This is the plant division propagation ofAgave, which is relatively simple.

methods of Agave propagation

Sowing propagation method of Agave

If there are seeds, they can sow and propagate, and Agave also has seeds, so sowing is also one of the propagation methods of Agave. After flowering and bearing fruit, Agave is harvested. The seeds are sown in April to May in spring, and then keep 30℃ during the day and 15℃ above at night. It will germinate in about half a month.

It is worth mentioning that most of the Agave plants only bloom once in their life, after which they will gradually wither and die as the seeds mature, and some precious varieties are difficult to flower. Therefore, even if the Agave can sow propagation, sowing propagation method is not very common, flower friends can understand.

After reading the above content, have you learned? If you raise Agave, you should not only know how to raise Agive, but also master the propagation methods suitable for your own use.

methods of Agave propagation