How to grow Lycium chinense

Written by Maggie

Jan 29 2021

How to grow Lycium chinense

Lycium Chinense is a great tonic, and we all know it. Whether it is used for stew, soaking water, etc., it has a very good health effect. Lycium chinense is highly adaptable and distributed throughout the north and south of China. It is pleasant to sunshine and cool climate, cold resistance and early resistance, alkali resistance, afraid of waterlogging, poor growth in water, well ventilated, adequate light in sandy slope soil growth. The flowering period is from May to June and from September to October each year. The fruit is long and painted. The fruit ripens gradually after autumn and falls off in January. However, Lycium Chinense can also be potted. Today we will introduce Lycium Chinense potting method to you. If you like it, you can grow a pot at home, which is beautiful and economical and practical. Now, let's see the steps to grow Lycium chinense in pots.

grow Lycium chinense in pots.

1. Soak Lycium chinense seeds for growing in pots

Soak some raw and dried lycium chinense in warm water at about 40 degrees C for 8-10 hours until the Lycium Chinense pulp is puffed.

2. Rinse the Lycium chinense seeds for growing in pots

The soaked Lycium Chinense is very soft. Rub the flesh of the fruit with your fingers and you can see the seeds. Rinse the seeds and place them in a cool place to dry.

grow Lycium chinense in pots.

3. Sow the Lycium chinense seeds to the pot 

Prepare a pot of soil, use ordinary garden soil, use chopsticks to draw a 4~5 cm trench on the soil surface, about 1 cm deep, put the seeds into it, then add a little fine sand, and then spray the soil wet with a fine spray.

4. Put a plastic bag over the top of the pot for growing Lycium chinense

Just after sowing Lycium chinense should pay attention to heat preservation, the best temperature is about 18 degrees, you can set a plastic bag in the flower pot mouth, don't forget to tie a few air holes.

grow Lycium chinense in pots.

5. Water potted Lycium chinense for growing 

If you see that the soil is dry, you can spray a small amount of water, and it will sprout in about a week. The germination rate is about 90%, and you can gradually enjoy more sunshine after germination.

6. Fertilize when growing potted Lycium chinense

When potting Lycium Chinense, liquid fertilizer based on phosphate fertilizer is usually applied once a week or so; In winter, putrid base fertilizer is applied; In the flowering period, nitrogen fertilizer was applied 2-3 times. Potted Lycium Chinense is a very important link when turning over the pot. When changing the soil in the pot, sufficient base fertilizer should be applied. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer such as superphosphate should be added as base fertilizer.

7. Harvest the fruit after growing potted Lycium Chinense

After the flowers fade, the fruit will come out. Red Lycium Chinense is hanging on the branches.

That's how to grow potted Lycium Chinense. Lycium Chinense has a strong cold tolerance, likes light, and must have sufficient water at the flowering and fruiting stage. In addition, Lycium Chinense likes alkaline soil and sandy loam soil, and must not have water accumulation during pot conservation.

grow Lycium chinense in pots.