How to propagate Lycium Chinense

Written by Maggie

Jan 29 2021

How to propagate Lycium Chinense

The propagation method of Lycium Chinense is mainly sowing propagation, but it can also be propagated by cutting. Now, let's see these two propagation methods of Lycium Chinense.

propagation methods of Lycium Chinense

Sowing propagation method of Lycium Chinense

Sowing propagation of Lycium Chinense: First, select seeds. When selecting seeds for sowing propagation, select those with large fruit and ruddy color, and the fruit itself is healthy and disease-free. After the selection, seeds should be soaked, with about 34 degrees to ask who bubble 24 hours, after the bubble out and then clean with water, remove the pulp and peel, the seeds out to dry, you can sow.

Secondly, apply sowing propagation of Lycium Chinense. In addition to winter can be planted, the depth of about 3 centimeters in the ditch, sowing good to turn the soil, moisturizing heat preservation.

Seedling management. Often water, ensure the soil moisture, conducive to the growth of seedlings. Weeding and fertilization should be carried out during the growth period, and attention should also be paid to removing unhealthy weak seedlings and leaving only healthy seedlings. When the seedling grows to 30 cm, the side bud at the bottom of the seedling should be removed. When it is about 60 cm, the top should be kicked to accelerate the growth of the trunk.

Cutting propagation method of Lycium Chinense

The most suitable time to propagate lycium chinense by cutting is in the spring before the plants have not sprouted. The plants with large and full fruits should be selected first

Next, cut the branches that have been growing for a year for cutting propagation, with a diameter of 0.5 cm and a length of about 20 cm, soaked and dried. Then the cuttings are made.

Finally, cuttings for propagating Lycium Chinense should be inserted in the trench 20 centimeters deep, cutting exposed soil surface 1 centimeter. Pay attention to weeding, moisturizing, regularly fertilizing top dressing, when 80 cm, you can go out planting.

propagation methods of Lycium Chinense