How to grow Greenovia dodrantalis in summer

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

How to grow Greenovia dodrantalis in summer

Greenovia Dodrantalis has strong drought tolerance. Although it likes to grow in the sun, it needs to be shaded and maintained in the summer, and it needs to be watered promptly. But do not water too much at a time, and keep the environment ventilated. Water it all around to cool it down. If they suffer from diseases and insects, they should be sprayed with the corresponding insecticides for prevention and control.

Greenovia Dodrantalis

1. Sunscreen for Greenovia Dodrantalis

Greenovia Dodrantalis is a succulent plant that loves the sun, where it can thrive. However, if in the process of summer maintenance, although the sun also needs to shine, but it is not suitable to put in the sun exposure. The plants can be placed in the astigmatism environment for curing, so do a good job of shade and sun protection measures.

2. Water in time for Greenovia Dodrantalis

Greenovia Dodrantalis does not have a high demand for water. Generally in the process of breeding, it does not need to be watered and maintained frequently. But curing it in the summer heat can quickly evaporate the moisture in the soil, so how to grow Greenovia Dodrantalis in the summer? At this time, it should be watered and maintained daily, but should not be watered too much, or it will evaporate and burn the plant.

Greenovia Dodrantalis

3. Ventilation and cooling for Greenovia Dodrantalis

If Greenovia Dodrantalis is to grow normally in summer, it should not only be shaded and protected from the sun, but also be watered and maintained in time, and its plants should be placed in a ventilated place. If the climate is too hot, water it around to cool it, preventing the plant from drying out and dying.

4. Disease and insect control of Greenovia Dodrantalis

In fact, Greenovia Dodrantalis is also vulnerable to pests and diseases in the summer heat. If the plant suffers from diseases and insects, it will cause poor growth of the plant, so the growth environment should be improved immediately, the diseased branches and leaves should be treated, and corresponding insecticides should be sprayed to prevent and control the plant.

Greenovia Dodrantalis