How to grow cremnosedum little gem

Written by Maggie

Dec 05 2020

How to grow cremnosedum little gem

Cremnosedum cv 'little gem' is a succulent plant, a kind of plant being short. Cremnosedum cv 'little gem' is very easy to raise. Give it breathable soil, appropriate water, keeping ventilated in summer and shade. In other seasons, put it in the sun directly. When the winter temperature is lower than 5 ℃, move it to the indoor breeding.

Cremnosedum 'little gem'

Cultivation methods of Cremnosedum 'little gem'

1. the soil

Cremnosedum cv 'Little Gem' is a Succulent type of soil that, like any succulent, needs air, porosity, and drainage. It can be made of humic or humic soil mixed with coarse sand or perlite. Such a matrix ensures that the roots breathe, stretch, and do not accumulate water.

2. Light and temperature

Cremnosedum 'Little Gem' loves the light, especially in spring, fall, and winter. With plenty of light, the leaves of cremnosedum cv 'Little Gem' will appear Fuchsia color. Without enough light, the leaves will appear green. During summer heat, the Cremnosedum 'Little Gem' stops growing and retreats in a cool, shaded position.

Cremnosedum 'little gem'

3, water

Cremnosedum cv 'Little Gem' needs a lot of water when it grows. Water it often, keeping the soil moist.In summer. When it stops growing, waterless, and pay attention to drainage and ventilation, to prevent the root water rot and diseases and insect pests.In the winter, when the temperature drops below 5℃, cremnosedum 'Little Gem' goes into hibernation and stops watering.

Tips for raising Cremnosedum 'Little Gem’

The cremnosedum 'little gem' grows very fast, and can explode or grow all over the place, causing a top-heavy problem. If you're not careful, the roots of the cremnosedum 'little gem' come out, so it's usually placed around the roots and pressed down on the shallow roots.

Cremnosedum 'little gem'