How to grow and care for Garden Croton

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

How to grow and care for Garden Croton

Garden croton is a southern plant. We can see it in the south of the park or the road . Of course, there are also many flowers with Garden croton friends growing Garden Croton in pots, but they do not master the growing methods and caring tips of Garden Croton, so they don't grow Garden Croton well. Next we'll talk about how to grow and care for Garden Croton.

Garden Croton

How to grow Garden Croton

1. Loose soil

In loose fertile soil, the garden croton will grow more lush. Flowers friends in potted Garden croton family  can use rural soil, river sand, compost as the ratio of 3:1:1 to configure, also can add about 5% to their cake fertilizer, irrigation, fertilizer or calcium superphosphate mixture of soil, which will make Garden croton grow more strong.

2. Plenty of sunshine

Garden Croton loves the sun, so in addition to the strong sunlight in summer, other seasons can allow it to receive direct sunlight. Sufficient sunlight can make the leaves of Garden Croton more bright, beautiful and shiny, which is also easily overlooked in the cultivation methods and precautions of Garden Croton.

3. Watering frequency

In spring, there is no need to water Garden Croton too much. When watering, you only need to spray water on the leaves instead of watering the roots. If indoor maintenance is needed, you should open more Windows to let the air circulate.

In summer, the temperature is high, so you need to water every day, and pay attention to maintain the humidity of the surrounding growing environment, too dry will lead to Garden Croton leaves. Autumn and spring are the same, water appropriate on its leave. Sprinkle once a week in the winter. Garden Croton doesn't need too much water.

4. Fertilize appropriately

In addition to the preparation of the soil to apply some base fertilizer, but also in its growth period, that is, may to August every year,  apply liquid fertilizer every other half a month. Adding phosphate and potash fertilizer twice after autumn can enhance its frost resistance and help Garden Croton to survive the winter safely.

Garden Croton

How to care for Garden Croton  

1. Avoid frost

If it is farmed in the north, when the cold winter temperature is lower than 6℃ or when frost is coming, it is better to move Garden Croton indoors for curing, or to keep it warm to prevent Garden Croton from dying from frostbite.

If Garden Croton is a family plant, it is suggested to move it to the balcony for maintenance every once in a while, because long-term indoor maintenance will cause the color markings of Garden Croton to gradually disappear or even fade away if the light is not enough.

3. Air humidity

When the air is too dry in summer, spray water around the growing environment of Garden Croton should be carried out frequently, requiring the air humidity to be around 70%. If the air humidity is too low, the leaves of Garden Croton will turn yellow.

4. Less watering in dormant period

It should also be noted that Garden Croton is generally in the dormant period in winter, which does not need too much watering. It is observed that the soil should be watered again when it is dry. Too much water will break the growing period, leading to the phenomenon of falling leaves in Garden Croton.

Conclusion: Through the introduction above, I believe that we all know how to grow and care for Garden Croton. As long as you care for it carefully, I believe that your Garden Croton will also grow very vigorously!

Garden Croton