How to care for Peacock plant

Written by Maggie

Mar 30 2021

How to care for Peacock plant

The leaf shape of Peacock plant is special and has a high ornamental value. Many flower lovers are very fond of growing Peacock plant, but they do not know how to care for Peacock plant. Let's take a look at Peacock plant caring tips together.

Peacock plant

How to care for Peacock plant leaves curly

Light exposure, lack of water, over-application of fertilizers or environmental conditions may cause wrinkles and dryness in the Peacock plant. Take appropriate measures according to different situations. If the light is too strong, you can shade the plant properly. If the water is insufficient, you can increase the watering times, and if the fertilizer is too much, you can stop fertilizing. Here are how to care for Peacock plant leaves curly

1. Light 

The Peacock plant is often planted as a leaf-viewing plant. Dry and curled leaves may be caused by excessive sunlight and need to be transplanted to a cool, well-ventilated place indoors for a period of time. Peacock plant prefers to grow in a semi-shade. Shade the plant properly when it is raised in excessive light.

2. Moisture

Peacock plant prefers to grow in a warm, moist environment. It has a high water demand. Over-watering and under-watering plants can lead to dry out leaves. When we care for Peacock plant, it is necessary to water the soil properly, to supplement the water of the plant. In the late growing, we can in accordance with the principle of watering when the soil is dry and stop watering when the soil is wet.

3. Fertilizer

Peacock plant is very strict in its application of fertilizers and can lead to leaf curl drying if excessive amounts of fertilizer is applied to plants during growing. When we care for Peacock plant, stop fertilizing at this time and put lots of water in the soil to dilute the fertilizer. Then apply fertilizer in the Peacock plant according to the principle of using less thin fertilizer.

4. Environment 

The Peacock plant prefers a moist, airy environment, and makes sure that the Peacock plant has good airflow. When we care for Peacock plant, if the air is very dry during the breeding process, water can be sprayed around the plants appropriately, which can increase the air humidity and reduce the surrounding degree.

Peacock plant

How to care for Peacock plant leaves shrink

Peacock plant leaves shrink due to the lack of light, and it is necessary to immediately move the plant into the sun, and the plant can gradually restore vitality. If there is a lack of sewage sludge we must be immediately fertilizing and watering it, but don't be too much. Here is how to care for Peacock plant leaves atrophy.

1. Get plenty of light

Peacock plant is a sunshine plant. Usually in the process of aquaculture, it needs to be placed in the sun for careful maintenance. Lack of light will make the leaves shrink, immediately move to the sun, make its branches and leaves improper photosynthesis. In summer, placing it in semi-shade maintenance can make it gradually restored to vitality.

2. Strengthen water and fertilizer

In fact, Peacock plant likes to grow in wet soil. We usually need to give it a timely watering, but also a lot of topdressing plants. If water and fertilizer is insufficient, then how to do the Peacock plant leaves atrophy? When we care for Peacock plant, we need to give the right amount of topdressing maintenance, but do not overdo.

3. Replace the soil

If the Peacock plant grows at an inappropriate time, it will affect the normal growth of the plant, resulting in constant leaf loss and reduced ornamental value of the plant. When we care for Peacock plant, it needs to be replaced immediately and carefully maintained. It is usually possible to use a mixture of rotten leaf soil and peat soil as the substrate and to use mature organic manure as the substrate.

4. Keep warm at low temperatures

When Peacock plant is exposed to cold in winter, it will lose its leaves. Not only should it be placed in the sunlight, but it should also be cut off. When we care for Peacock plant, do not let the temperature drop below 5℃ to avoid further frostbite and wait for spring to recover gradually.

Peacock plant