Sedum clavatum: how to grow and care for Sedum clavatum

Written by Maggie

Sep 23 2021

Sedum clavatum: how to grow and care for Sedum clavatum

If you want to grow Succulent Sedum clavatum, you can grow it with nutrient soil with good drainage. During the growth period, Succulent Sedum clavatum needs to be given sufficient light, water and fertilizer to facilitate the growth of Succulent Sedum clavatum. During the maintenance period, you should pay attention to shade in summer. After Sedum clavatum is dormant in summer or winter, you need to control the amount of watering and stop fertilizing.

Succulent Sedum clavatum

1. Soil care for Succulent Sedum clavatum

Succulent sedum clavatum has strong drought tolerance and is not tolerant to waterlogging. It requires good soil drainage performance. If you want to breed succulent sedum clavatum, you can grow it in a nutrient soil with good looseness, ventilation and drainage. Nutrient soil can be mixed with humus soil, peat soil, perlite and coconut bran, but it needs to be disinfected before it can be used for Succulent Sedum clavatum.

2. Light care for Succulent Sedum clavatum

Succulent Sedum clavatum likes light, it is easy to emerge in an environment with sufficient light, and the leaves can grow better. During spring and autumn, Succulent Sedum clavatum can be maintained in a place with sufficient outdoor light. During the summer, it should be noted that the summer sunlight is strong, and Succulent Sedum clavatum is not resistant to strong light, so it needs to be maintained in a cool and ventilated place.

Succulent Sedum clavatum

3. Moisture care for Succulent Sedum clavatum

Succulent Sedum clavatum is drought-tolerant and intolerant to waterlogging, but it needs sufficient water during its growth. During the growth period, water the Succulent Sedum clavatum appropriately and keep the soil moist. The temperature is high in summer and low in winter. Succulent Sedum clavatum will enter a dormant state in a high or low temperature environment. Pay attention to water control.

4. Fertilizer care for Succulent Sedum clavatum

Succulent Sedum clavatum has the ability to store nutrients and does not require high fertilizers. During the growth period, according to the growth status of Succulent Sedum clavatum, fertilizer can be applied once every 15 to 30 days. Be careful in summer or winter. After Succulent Sedum clavatum enters a dormant state and stops growing, you need to stop fertilizing, otherwise the root system of Succulent Sedum clavatum will be damaged.

Succulent Sedum clavatum