The use and structure of wheel Edger

Written by Joy

Sep 30 2020

The use and structure of wheel Edger
The wheel Edger is mainly used for wheel Edger the edge of the lawn. It cuts the rhizomes that spread beyond the boundary of the lawn to make the lawn edge line neat to keep the lawn beautiful. 

The structure and working principle of wheel Edger

Wheel Edgers have small hand-push, handheld electric, and tractor-mounted types.

①Small hand-push lawn wheel Edger machine

A disc wheel Edger operated on foot. The working device is a fine-toothed circular knife, which is driven and rotated by a small gasoline engine. A cutting depth control mechanism is provided on the handle frame, and the cutting depth of the wheel Edger machine can be adjusted by adjusting the relative position of the walking wheel and the frame. At the same time, the tilt position of the disc knife can be adjusted.
The wheel Edger machine has a wide front wheel, which makes it stable and can perform wheel Edger operations in poor conditions. During operation, the hand-pushing handle pushes the trimmer along the edge of the lawn. The blade with cutting edge and hanging over the edge of the lawn rotates at high speed to cut the roots and stems of the surface within a certain depth to achieve the purpose of wheel Edger the edge of the lawn. Disc wheel Edger machine is mainly used for wheel Edger sidewalks or roadside lawns, and can cut straight edges.

handheld electric lawn wheel Edger machine

The wheel Edger of a small area lawn in the courtyard basically uses a handheld electric lawn trimmer. Its structure is the same as a handheld brush cutter. The working head is installed with a rotatable nylon rope as shown in Figure 5-13. The nylon rope is damaged.
The use and structure of wheel Edger
The handheld lawn trimmer driven by a motor consists of a small motor, a drive shaft, a control device and a wheel Edger and cutting device. During operation, the operator holds the machine and controls the wheel Edger blade of the cutting device to rotate by turning on and off the power switch to perform lawn wheel Edger operations. This kind of handheld lawn trimmer is generally used for garden lawn wheel Edger operations close to the power source, and some also use batteries as the power source of this trimmer.

③Tractor-mounted lawn trimmer

Most of the wheel Edger cutting blades of tractor-mounted lawn trimmers are a disc. During operation, the disc is pressed on the edge of the lawn to cut off the grass roots of the lawn to achieve the purpose of wheel Edger. This lawn trimmer can be arranged in the middle, front or rear of the tractor.
The lawn trimmer suspended by a tractor is mainly composed of a disc cutter, a shovel, a spring pressing device, a swing lifting device, a fixing device and a mounting frame. The disc cutter, shovel, and spring are all installed on the swing lifting device, and the disc can rotate freely. When the tractor moves forward, the disc cutter rolls and cuts on the edge of the lawn, and the shovel installed behind it shovels the edge of the lawn cut by the disc from the soil where the original lawn grows to achieve the purpose of wheel Edger the lawn.