The classification of Hedge Shears

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

The classification of Hedge Shears
The hedges on both sides of the road, as the main contributors to sound insulation and dust collection, people always maintain the hedges on time. Now, with living standards further improving, people's pursuit of the environment has also changed.
Hedge Shears

Manual hedge shears

Manual hedge shears are also known as large flat shears, hedge shears, tree shears, flat shears, branch shears, hedge shears, holly shears, etc. Gardening tools for cutting. It is mostly used for pruning large-area garden hedges and hedges.
Hedge shears specifications: generally the blade length is 15-30 cm, the handle has a retractable length of 30-60 cm. Its shear range is 0-1 cm. 
Hedge shears classification: different names have different classification standards, straight knife, wave knife, long blade, short blade, telescopic, non-retractable, plate making, forging, dipping fire, aluminum handle, iron handle and so on. The quality of hedge shears is better for forging. The various processing techniques of steel determine the difference in quality. 
There are many brands of hedge trimmers. The quality of hedge shears is generally better in Europe and Japan. Taiwan has high quality and low prices. There are more manufacturers in mainland China that produce OEMs. The quality level is different. The cutter head hardness of hedge cutters is now around 50. The common quality problems of hedge cutters are skin clipping, loose bite, and nut drop. These are mostly related to use. Hedge shears are not suitable for cutting thick branches, but only for cutting small shoots.

Motorized hedge shears

Hedge shears, also known as hedge trimmers, are suitable for professional pruning in tea pruning, parks, gardens, and roadside hedges, relying on the gasoline engine to drive the blade cutting rotation. At present, hedge trimmers are divided into single-edged hedge trimmers and double-edged hedge trimmers. The motorized hedge shears has excellent pruning performance, no matter if pruning thick branches or young leaves, there are ideal results.
Hedgerow machines mainly include gasoline engine, transmission mechanism, handle, switch and blade mechanism, etc. The power of the gasoline engine drives the blade mechanism to work through the transmission mechanism. The main handle is located at the rear of the machine, and the front handle is installed on the front of the machine housing. , The front handle can be rotated at a certain angle. It is characterized is that the main handle is connected to the main body of the machine through a telescopic rod, and a rotating mechanism is connected between the main handle and the telescopic rod or between the telescopic rod and the main body of the machine. Both sides of the hedge trimmer also include a pair of side handles. The two side handles are also connected by a telescopic rod and installed on the machine by a telescopic mechanism. They are connected by a rotating mechanism at the connection with the machine. The operator can choose the gripping method, rotation angle and telescopic length of the handle according to needs and usage habits. The operation is simple and convenient, the work efficiency is high, and the packaging size is small.