Choices of Lawn Mower

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

Choices of Lawn Mower
How to choose a lawn mower? If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. Many florists must have used electric, hand-push ones, and gasoline ones. This passage is mainly talking about the experience after use.
Lawn Mower

Electric mower (Electric mower)


You don't need to worry about refueling, no maintenance, no worries about startup, and less noise.


1. Some electric lawn mowers have batteries, but they must be charged in advance. 
2. In less than two years, the battery of the electric lawn mower is broken. The battery life is generally not long, and it is not cheap to change one.
3. The electric wire can also be pulled, because it takes more time to cut the wire. When mowing the grass, it is often not possible to walk in rows in a very regular manner. In some places, the mowing is not good, and you have to push it back to mowing.
4. The electric motor is easy to burn. Although you are  very careful, it still burned.

Push lawn mower


Low price, no maintenance except for sharpening the blade, low operating cost and no noise.


1. The hand-push mower is very easy to use for small lawns. If the yard is large or there is an uphill slope, it will be very tiring, and you will be sweaty for a while. If you say exercise, walking in the woods, playing ball, etc., it is much happier than boring mowing.
2. The grass cut by the hand-push lawn mower is not very beautiful. In some places, the grass falls down or is too long to cut.

Gasoline lawn mower

Gasoline lawn mowers are also divided into two types, one is the push-type that requires manpower to push forward, which is suitable for small areas and no slope. One is self-propelled, which automatically moves forward, and people only need to master the direction. It is suitable for large and sloped grasslands. If the elderly or women with insufficient strength need to mow the grass, the self-propelled lawn mower is very labor-saving. Some Self-propelled mowers have only one moving speed, usually around 4 kilometers per hour, and some are equipped with multiple speeds to choose from, usually 0 to 8 kilometers per hour.


1. To trim the same piece of lawn, a lawn mower with a smaller base needs to cut a few more rounds to complete the mowing work. The cutting width of the electric lawn mower is 18-19 inches. The cutting width of gasoline Push-type is between 19-21 inches, and the cutting width of gasoline Self-propelled is between 21-22 inches. So gasoline mowing opportunities will save you more time and enjoy summer time.
2. The horsepower of gasoline is large, the cutting is clean and neat, and it is more beautiful.
3. The rear-wheel drive lawn mower is more expensive than other lawn mowers, but the experience is greatly different. The rear-wheel drive is very labor-saving. When going uphill, the weight is pressed behind, and the front-driver may slip when it is sloped and wet, and it is difficult to push it up.
4. If your grass is planted with maple trees, the maple leaves hanging on the trees in autumn are beautiful, but it takes a lot of effort to rake these dead leaves. Self-propelled lawn mowers also come in different grades. Some have complete functions. They can suck in, break, and bag dead leaves. This is the ideal choice for people under the tree. HONDA 217HYC has this function. HONDA is a better brand in the current lawn mower market. It is not only a good engine, rear-wheel drive, but also light, powerful, durable and low noise. Of course, you get what you pay for, and the price is more expensive.


1. Gasoline lawn mowers need to refuel and change the oil.
2. It is noisier than electric and hand-driven lawn mowers.