Different types of digging shovel

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

Different types of digging shovel
What digging shovels have you prepared for this gardening season? Now there are more tools. In the past, whether it is power or manual, with the right tools to do the right work, you will be surprised to find that your garden activities will become easier and faster. Here are some commonly used shovels. Garden digging shovel, they can be used for digging and weeding, and many other purpose.

Coal shovel

These short-handled digging shovel have very strong square blades, which are specially used to transport coal and other gravel materials. In your gardening work, it can greatly help you to transport some garden soil, garbage and waste. 
The back of the blade of the coal shovel can be square or slightly curved, and the bottom of the blade can also be used to level the surface of the ground or garden to trim the shape of the ground.

D-type shovel

As a matter of fact, D-type digging shovel is not a specific type of shovel. Because it has a shovel with a D-shaped handle, it was named D-shaped shovel. Generally, the D-type shovel often has a shorter handle for gardeners to use, and the end of the D-type shovel is usually some plastic handle.
The special shape of the D-type digging shovel improves the stability of the shovel. Now, more and more garden shovel manufacturers are producing and improving gardening tools in the D-shovel model. 

Edge digging shovel

Edge shovel is also called trimming shovel. As the name suggests, its main function is to trim the borders of gardens and lawns to provide a neat and smooth visual effect.
Hemming shovel often has flat blades. Its material is generally hard, and it is made of thinner materials to improve the efficiency and flatness of its trimming.

Ergonomic digging shovel

The ergonomic shovel is an ergonomic shovel. It has a curved shaft, which can greatly reduce the pressure on the back of the user's hand. It usually includes a D-shaped handle, and snow shovel is the most commonly seen handle of this shape.
Although these shovels are better for people with back problems, they require more effort and time from gardeners to lift gardening waste up high. Therefore, experts suggest that when using this shovel, gardeners should use the shovel on the entire garden surface instead of removing them in batches, as it takes too much time.

Flat digging shovel

Flat shovel is also called flat shovel. It is a shovel with a flat blade. Although flat shovel digging efficiency is low, but their digging and moving ability is absolutely great. In addition, they are also better at cutting turf or other surface materials in order to achieve your desired effect.

Folding shovel

Folding shovel is also called camping shovel, portable shovel. The name means that this digging shovel is easy to carry and store, and the storage space is definitely not too worrying for you. It is designed to be folded anytime and anywhere where the blade meets the shaft, and then it can be locked in the open and closed positions.
Small digging shovel has a standard, effective grip, very suitable for camping or gardening excavation. Its portability provides great convenience to many gardeners and outdoor sports enthusiasts, and it has also gained a great deal of good reputations.

Garden digging shovel

It is a small gardening digging tool with a short handle. A great number of people think it is an ordinary garden spade. Although it is extremely similar to a garden shovel, they are completely different for many gardeners. It has a sharp blade, and the shape is generally V-shaped or round to achieve the desired effect.

Gravel digging shovel

Stone digging shovel usually has a shovel-shaped edge and occasionally a rounded tip. The gravel shovel generally has a sharp blade in the shape of a shovel or a spoon, which can be helpful to lift and transport various types of gravel or small stones. It still has a very practical status and significance in gardening work.

Half-moon digging Shovel

The half-moon digging shovel is named because it has a semi-circular blade. This tool is the same as the edge shovel and is most commonly used for trimming work. The half-moon shovel has a sharp blade, you can easily cut grass, turf or anything you want to cut by just shaking the blade back and forth.