The introduction of hand seeders

Written by Joy

Sep 30 2020

The introduction of hand seeders
The hand automatic seeder is suitable for use in plain areas, as well as seed breeding areas, and more suitable for hillside farmland. The hand seeder is manual and automatic sowing, and it can achieve the consistent depth, and the seedling emerges earlier than the planing and horse-drawn machine sowing, the emergence is uniform, the emergence is complete, and the emergence is strong. Hand seeder is suitable for sowing corn, soybeans and other hole-seeded crops, which can greatly reduce labor intensity. Its planting speed is fast and it is easier to use. One person can plant 4-7per day as requested. Sowing single seeds is better.
You can order granular seeds such as wheat, soybeans, red beans, peas, corn, corn, cotton, watermelon, beans and broad beans. With simultaneous fertilization and seeding, the amount of seeding, the amount of fertilizer, and the depth of seeding can be adjusted, which is 3-5 times that of artificial pit seeding. It does not require oil, electricity, and purely manual models. It is simple to operate and can be learned in a few minutes. The number of sowing seeds and the amount of fertilizer can be adjusted according to needs, the number of particles is from 1 to 3, and the maximum amount of fertilizer can reach 50 grams each time.

Instructions of the hand seeder

Granular regulation of the hand seeder

For the next one, you'd better insert the insert board on top of the two seeds, insert the next two seeding inserts on top of one seed, and pull out the insert board for the next three seeds. What should be noted is that when adjusting the inserting board, it must be adjusted under the condition that the seed box has no seeds. The planting depth can be adjusted up and down according to the soil moisture of the plot.
Hand Seeder

Fertilizer regulation of the hand seeder

It's a good choice to pull out the adjustment block on the shaft and jump to the required amount of fertilizer.

Sowing bean regulation of the hand seeder

You'd better move the clinker pressure pad under the seed scraper to the direction of the seed shaft, remove the three screws, and pass through the three holes at the back to tighten, leaving a gap between the rubber and the shaft.

Change shaft method of the hand seeder

No need to use any tools, just twist the shaft head cover in the direction you want to open to remove the shaft head cover. When you put on the shaft head cover, align the direction, press the back to the closed direction and screw it on.
Hand Seeder

Pay attention to during use the hand seeder

The lower seed shaft is cleaned once a day and used after drying. Only by ensuring that the shaft is smooth can the lower seeding be more accurate. If the clinker parts are damaged, they can be glued with Brother Glue.
After the annual spring plowing, you ought to brush the planter clean with water and dry it, apply anti-rust oil to all metal parts, and store it in a cool and dry place for continued use in the coming year.

Main technical data and specifications of hand seeder

Dimensions (mm) 800*200*130 (length*width*height)    Mass (kg) 2.0
Seed box capacity (kg) 1.1 Fertilizer box capacity (kg) 2.7
Operator (person) 1 Operation rate (hm2/h) 0.05