Precautions for purchasing the pruning saw

Written by Joy

Sep 30 2020

Precautions for purchasing the pruning saw
When pruning trees, they need professional pruning saws to help, especially if there are many trees or trees with hard branches, only gardening shears are too much. Many people like gardening and hope to create a unique sense of design in their yard. It's hard work, but you must learn to be tricky. In addition, many cash crops also need to be pruned frequently to obtain higher yields. At this time, buying an electric pruning saw is a good choice. This kind of equipment is not common in the market. Since you want to become a little expert in gardening, of course you can't have fewer suitable tools. This passage is mainly introducing precautions for purchase the electric pruning saw, hoping it can help you!

Packaging inspection of the pruning saw

1) The outer box and color box must be sturdy, not wet or damaged.
2) All markings and content must be clear and correct.
3) You'd better check whether the shipping mark and side mark are consistent with the information provided by the guest.
4) You should check whether the color box is consistent with the one provided by the customer.
5) Checking whether the text and picture of the color box are consistent with the actual product is necessary. If there is any discrepancy, you'd better explain in the report.
6) The outer box and color box should not be too large or too small, too large or too small will not provide good protection for the product.

Visual inspection of the pruning saw

1) The plastic shell must not have defects such as bubbles, cracks, obvious stains and cold partitions, and the color of the same plastic part should be uniform.
2) There should be no obvious gaps and dislocation on the shell joint surface, and the fasteners should be fastened.
3) The nameplate and trademark should be firmly and without curling on the specified position on the surface of the machine.
4) The parts are complete and the assembly is correct.
5) There should be no scratches, bumps and corrosion on the outer surface of the machine.
6) There is no foreign matter in the product.
Pruning Saw

Function test of the pruning saw

1) The switch operation is flexible, stable and sensitive, and the machine cannot run if only one switch is operated.
2) It's a great choice to operate the machine under the rated voltage without abnormal noise and vibration.
3) The pruning machine is running under the rated voltage, and the machine will stop running within 1s after releasing any switch

Safety test of the pruning saw

High voltage test

The switch is in the open position, and 3750Vac is applied to the two pins of the power cord and the product (especially the screws) for 2 seconds (leakage current is 5mA) without breakdown (European regulations). For U.S. standard is 3750Vac/10mA/2s.

Power cord tension test

For European regulations, you'd better apply force according to the following table, pull 25 times, and the displacement of the power cord is less than 2mm after the test for 1 second each time.

Bare metal drop test of the pruning saw

After the machine is dropped from a height of 1 meter to the concrete floor 3 times (different positions), no safety hazard shall be caused.

Performance test of the pruning saw

1) Measurement of no-load power and current: You should test the no-load power and current of the product under rated voltage and frequency, and record the value in the report. No-load current and power shall not exceed 110% of the rated current or power.
2) Inspection of motor performance: You could try to operate the machine under the rated voltage and frequency, the machine should run smoothly without obvious sparks and no iron rubbing. At this time, you should pay attention to observe the power and current changes on the electrical reference. If the power and current suddenly become abnormal (high current), you must disassemble the product to check the motor.
3) Measurement of no-load speed: Under the rated voltage and frequency, you ought to test the no-load speed of the product, and compare the measured value with the rated value. The deviation is 10%. If the deviation is exceeded, it should be pointed out in the report. 
4) Low voltage start: It's suggested to start the product 10 times under 85% of the rated voltage, the product can work normally and will not cause safety hazards.
5) Actual use test: You'd better install all accessories according to the instructions, and continuously trim the branches for 15 minutes. The product should have no safety and functional problems. 
6) Endurance test: Under the rated voltage and frequency, you are able to run the product continuously without load for 4 hours. During this period, the product should have no safety and functional problems. After the endurance test is completed, the product should be able to pass the functional and safety tests. The label on the product should not be curled or detached, and then the machine must be disassembled for inspection. There should be no abnormal defects inside the product.
7)Measuring the cutting length of the product: Measuring the cutting length of the product according to the factory's declaration requirements and the customer's requirements is vital for every gardener.