Introduction of the ultra-low-volume sprayer

Written by Joy

Dec 16 2020

Introduction of the ultra-low-volume sprayer
Compared with commonly used sprayers, ultra-low-volume sprayers are fast, efficient, portable, and cost-saving in preventing and controlling flowers, lawns, and crop pests. The passage is mainly introducing about specific performance and use of the ultra-low-volume sprayer. 

Low water consumption of the ultra-low-volume sprayer

The ultra-low-volume sprayer uses pesticide stock solution, or it only needs to be diluted very low. So ultra-low-volume sprayer does not require a lot of water, which greatly reduces the need of water.

Low dosage of the ultra-low-volume sprayer

The spray liquid is about 100 grams as requested, and ultra-low-volume sprayer doesn't need tens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms water. Therefore, the labor intensity can be greatly reduced during use, and labor is saved.
Ultra low volume sprayer

Droplet distribution of the ultra-low-volume sprayer

The ultra-low-volume sprayer does not spray the medicinal solution directly on the plants, but ultra-low-volume sprayer uses the wind to make the droplets with a diameter of only tens of microns dispersed and drift, and then under the action of the micro-air current around the plants, the droplets are evenly distributed on the front, back and side of the leaf and the whole plant. In this way, ultra-low-volume sprayer has a higher killing rate on pests than the medicament diluted with a large amount of water, especially for certain pests that have developed resistance. Because the killing function of pesticide stock solution is several times or even dozens of times higher than diluted with water.

Use of the ultra-low-volume sprayer

The head of the hand-held ultra-low-volume sprayer is always maintained at a height of about 1 meter above the plant. Because this type of the ultra-low-volume sprayer omits the liquid spray nozzle, the liquid flows out by itself when the bottle is put down. Therefore, before the motor is turned on, the medicine bottle should be below and the head of the hand-held ultra-low-volume sprayer ought to be above. When using ultra-low-volume sprayer spraying, you should start the motor first, and then change the position of the medicine bottle and the machine head so that the medicine bottle is up, the mouth of the bottle is down, the body of the bottle is perpendicular to the ground, and the medicine will flow out by itself.
When using ultra-low-volume sprayer spraying, gardeners should start from the leeward direction, and the walking route should be separated by a certain distance, which is the spray pattern. The size of the spray fan of an ultra-low-volume sprayer should be flexibly controlled according to the wind speed. When the wind speed is small, the spray range should be smaller, otherwise it should be larger, generally 3 meters to 3.5 meters is appropriate. When using a ultra-low-volume-sprayer, the spraying time is best to choose in the morning, afternoon or cloudy to avoid the hot sun. It is best to use systemic agents, fumigants or stomach poisons for ultra-low-volume sprays. The dosage is generally about 50 grams per mu. If you need to add a proper amount of water for using ultra-low-volume sprayer, you can use the equivalence method.