How to choose lawn weeders?

Written by Joy

Sep 30 2020

How to choose lawn weeders?
It is very important for those who live in a house with a yard to choose a suitable lawn weeder! Because one of the weekend activities of many gardening enthusiasts is mowing the grass.Especially if there is a house with a large yard, you can hear the roar of the neighbors starting to mow the grass on weekends.
In North America, because labor is more expensive, everyone will choose to mow the lawn by their own on weekends. Of course, if you are busy at work, you can also choose some mowing company to help cut the lawn and also maintain the lawn, but usually the price will be expensive some. Some people will say that it doesn't matter if the grass grows a little bit longer, but that won't work. This passage is mainly about how to choose lawn weeders,hoping it will help you to some extent.

Lawn weeders

Lawn weeders are called Lawn weeder in English. They are generally sold in home improvement and building materials stores such as Home Depot and Home Hardware. Of course, they are also sold in comprehensive supermarkets such as Walmart. However, the model selection is limited, not as many as home improvement and building materials stores.
Lawn weeders are mainly divided into the following four categories: Reel Lawn weeders, Electric weeders(Gas weeders, Riding Lawn weeders).

Reel Lawn weeders

Manual lawn weeders are relatively cheap. The advantage is that they do not need to be refueled, do not need electricity, no noise, no exhaust gas pollutes the air. It is in a small size, easy to operate and easy to store. The base width is between 14-20 inches, suitable for small lawns. The disadvantage is that the grass is easy to get stuck between the blades, and it will not get stuck when pushed.
how to choose lawn weeders

Electric lawn weeder

Although electric lawn weeders are noisy, they are less noisy than gasoline lawn weeders. They don't need to be refueled or maintained. They are easy to operate and lighter than gasoline ones. The base width is between 14-20 inches, suitable for small lawns. The disadvantage is that the motor is easy to burn out.

Wired electric lawn weeder

Wired electric lawn weeders do not need to be charged in advance and are ready to use. However, long wires are in the way and can easily be tripped or wound around the coil. If accidentally, the coil is easily wound into the blade and cut off, but the price is relatively cheap. 

Cordless electric lawn weeder

Wireless electric lawn weeders rely on rechargeable batteries and need to be charged in advance. They are more convenient to use. They are more expensive than wired electric lawn weeders. However, the battery life is limited and one needs to be replaced in two or three years. New batteries are usually not cheap for many gardeners.

Gasoline lawn weeder

Gasoline lawn weeders are divided into front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive. Four-wheel drive is a bit more labor-saving and suitable for use on sloped lawns. Most gasoline lawn weeders are equipped with a coil spring starter, which can start the engine by pulling the connection with a buzzing sound, but there are also electric starters, just like a car start.

Riding Lawn weeders

If your lawn is large and you don't need money, you can buy a riding lawn weeder. The advantage is that it has enough horsepower and is easy to use. It is suitable for large areas of lawn. The disadvantage is that the price is higher, usually thousands of money.

How to choose a lawn weeder

Buy a lawn weeder according to your own actual needs. The lawn is not big, manual type is fine. If the lawn is more than 2,000 feet, it's a good choice to choose electric if you don't like maintenance. If you want a longer service life, choosing gasoline is proper. If you want to exercise while mowing the lawn, you'd better choose push, or self-propelled if you want to save effort; choose front wheel drive or rear wheel drive for flat lawns, and all wheel drive for sloped lawns. If the lawn is more than 4,000 feet, it must be a luxury house.