5 best lawn care tools

Written by Maggie

Feb 02 2021

5 best lawn care tools

A lawn mower, an edge trimmer, a broad-headed broom, a leaf rake, or a lawn hair dryer are essential tools for daily lawn care. Unless you have a large lawn like a football field, in which case it is necessary to ride a Mower, a small, regular lawn Mower. Here are 5 best lawn care tools.

Riding lawn cower 

On the basis of propulsion, there are two types of Lawn Mower: Self propulsion and Manual Push. The former can go forward automatically, so you only need to steer when turning. The latter requires your own power to move forward. Most people like automatic propulsion type, easy and convenient, for the yard has a slope of the family must choose this kind of, but the price is at least twice as expensive as manual propulsion type. There are also two types of mowers depending on the power source: Gas Mower and Electric Mower are optional. The former needs to change the oil for regular maintenance, and the operation is noisy and more powerful. The latter does not require maintenance, is quiet, but needs to be charged before use, and the battery life is limited. Riding lawn cower is one of the best lawn care tools.

5 best lawn care tools
Riding lawn cower: one of the best lawn care tools

Edge trimmer

Remember to trim the edges after mowing so that the lawn is square. String Trimmer is also divided into gasoline type and electric type. For the home lawn area is a very large recommended gasoline type, power, the use of durable. But in fact, for the average family to use electricity, remember to charge before each use. The use of line trimming machines should pay attention to safety, because it is grass when the mud on the ground, small stones and so on May splash up and fall on the body, it is recommended to wear goggles and long sleeves trousers when using. Edge trimmer is one of the best lawn care tools.

5 best lawn care tools
Edge trimmer is one of the best lawn care tools

String trimmer 

There will be grass clippings on the ground after mowing. Push Broom with a wide brush head as shown in the picture below is recommended for sweeping a large area. String trimmer is one of the best lawn care tools.

5 best lawn care tools
String trimmer: one of the best lawn care tools

Leaf rake 

In autumn, leaves fall all over the lawn. You will need a Leaf Rake or a Lawn Blower to help. Use a leaf rake to rake the leaves off the lawn. The hair dryer just blows the leaves off. For large areas of lawn, the hair dryer is more efficient. In addition, the hair dryer is also suitable for blowing off grass clippings after mowing. Leaf rake is one of the best lawn care tools.

5 best lawn care tools
Leaf rake: one of the best lawn care tools

Lawn blower 

To keep your lawn growing well, be sure to overseed new grass and squeeze away weeds. It is recommended to do this every two years or so. The best season for Overseed is early fall, followed by early spring. Lawn blower is one of the best lawn care tools. Generally speaking, it can be divided into four steps.

Step 1: Adjust the length of the mower to cut the lawn very low (between 1 and 1.5 inches). Step 2: Take away yellow weeds and grass roots with a rake. Step 3: Sprinkle the seeds and Top Soil (preferably the Top Soil that already contains fertilizer). Seed as far as possible spread evenly, there are bald areas on the lawn to focus on sowing. Sow the grass seeds before placing the TopSoil. The Top Soil should be thick enough to cover at least the newly sown seeds. Step 4: Irrigate and keep the soil moist.Some people recommend at least two times a day, others recommend three or four times a day. We think that the degree of irrigation depends on the local climate.In addition to the lawn mower, the tools required by Overseed are the Bow Rake.

5 best lawn care tools
Lawn blower: one of the best lawn care tools