10 Best Lawn Care Software in 2023 - Prices & Reviews

Written by Ivy

Dec 14 2022

10 Best Lawn Care Software in 2023 - Prices & Reviews

It can be challenging to decide which business software suites best meet the requirements of your lawn care business given the wide range of options available. We did the research and looked for software that handles job scheduling, billing, route optimization, and much more in an effort to make it simple for you. If you require more, selecting the best lawn care software can help you save time and money.

10 Best Software Packages for Lawn Care Pros – Reviews

  1. Best Software Extension: Jobber
  2. Best Overview: LawnPro
  3. Best User Experience: Service Autopilot
  4. Best Price: RazorSync
  5. Best for Comprehensive Lawn : WorkWave
  6. Best for Lawn Care Service: RealGreen Service Assistant
  7. Best Bang for the Buck: Yardbook
  8. Best Resources: ServiceTitan
  9. Best for Specific Field: mHelpDesk
  10. Best for Fleet Management: Verizon Connect/Fleet Management

Best Lawn Care Software

1. LawnPro

2. Best Overview LawnPro

Invoicing, estimates, a client portal, and online payments are all included in the free version of LawnPro's software. LawnPro offers a variety of pricing tiers along with tools like expense tracking and in-app communication.

With more than ten years of experience, LawnPro is made specifically for those who provide lawn care. LawnPro takes the guesswork out of managing a business with automated scheduling, route optimization, and real-time QuickBooks integration.

The best choice for LawnStarter experts because both the free and entry-level paid versions seamlessly integrate with the program's built-in features.

Key Features

  • Free version available
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Multiple price packages
  • SMS Notifications
  • Invoicing and estimates


LawnPro has a free version, and premium packages cost $29, $49, and $79 per month. With an annual subscription, receive two months for free.


✓ Designed with lawn care in mind
✓ GPS monitoring
✓ User-friendly
✓ Top-rated customer support


✗ Invoice system is a little messy
✗ Free version doesn't include route optimization

User Reviews

  • "I like how easy it is to invoice customers, enter new client information, and email them directly from the program."
  • "I had a wonderful interaction with whoever was operating the chatbot. I can do everything from the app or computer, so I've never needed to call them."
  • "I like that you can monitor total time spent on a particular customer's property throughout the entire season. I appreciate the week and monthly schedule heads-up."

2. Jobber

1. Best Software Extension Jobber

Jobber offers a full business suite to help you manage your lawn care company. You can generate quotes, schedule appointments, plan routes, and process payments using its user-friendly interface. You can keep up with your business while on the go with the help of the mobile app.

You can get the services you require from Jobber without having to pay for those you do not need thanks to its 14-day free trial and various pricing options. Customer testimonials laud Jobber's round-the-clock assistance. To assist with any problems that may arise, jobber customer service is available round-the-clock.

Key Features

  • iOS and Android mobile app
  • Route optimization and GPS tracking
  • Dispatch and job scheduling
  • Quote generation
  • 24-hour support
  • QuickBooks integration


packages with monthly prices of $29, $99, and $199 and an annual commitment.


✓ 14-day free trial
✓ Multiple pricing plans
✓ iOS and Android apps
✓ User-friendly, even for beginners
✓ Well-reviewed customer support


✗ Messy QuickBooks integration
✗ No integrated field communications
✗ Tough to assign backups
✗ Requires internet connection to use

User Reviews

  • "is a fantastic product that delivers on its promises. It's an excellent tool for managing your business."
  • "When I chose to try out the free trial, I first started using Jobber almost 5 years ago. Since that day, I have continued using the software and have grown my business over 400%"
  • "I adore how simple it is for us to use. When a person is unfamiliar with technology, it is simple to explain and demonstrate how to use it."

3. Service Autopilot

3. Best User Experience Service Autopilot

An effective tool that keeps your company running smoothly is Service Autopilot. You'll save hours of paperwork because it automates billing, crew management, and customer interactions. Service Autopilot makes team management simple with tools like Smart Maps for route optimization and GPS tracking.

Although Service Autopilot is not the cheapest product available, you get what you pay for. You can access a wide variety of tools and features thanks to it. This is a fantastic option for businesses managing four or more vehicles because it has advanced dispatch options.

Key Features

  • iOS/Android compatible
  • QuickBooks sync
  • Payments and invoice
  • Marketing tools
  • Multiple payment plans


With a one-time $97 sign-up fee, Service Autopilot offers packages with monthly fees of $47, $97, and $247.


✓ Free trial and 30-day return policy
✓ Includes marketing tools
✓ Wide range of tools and features
✓ Well-reviewed customer service


✗ Premium features cost extra
✗ Not user-friendly for beginners
✗ "Outdated" mobile app
✗ Additional users cost extra

User Reviews

  • "Amazing customer service, great company to work for, and they're constantly experimenting with new technology to create new features. Highly recommended.
  • "In relation to the price, this software has a vast array of features. For a product that saves time and money in numerous ways, the investment is relatively small."
  • "As more people use mobile devices, it might get more expensive. Being complex, it may be challenging to learn. The system is not difficult to use once you have a grasp of it."

4. RazorSync

4. Best Price RazorSync

Keeping your team connected while out in the field is easy with RazorSync. A variety of industries are covered by the software. RazorSync can assist if your lawn care business also performs hardscaping, landscape construction, or snow removal.

RazorSync is one of the more affordable choices on this list, but that has some disadvantages. If you're new to service business software, you might want to think about a more streamlined option because its customer support network can be less than dependable.

Key Features

  • iOS/Android compatibility
  • Dispatch and route optimization
  • Live-chat support
  • QuickBooks integration


packages with monthly payments of $55, $145, and $300 on an annual basis.


✓ Reasonable prices
✓ Quick to learn
✓ Great mobile services
✓ Multi-industry compatibility


✗ Support only available Monday-Thursday
✗ Interface not well-organized

User Reviews

  • "It is simple to write out invoices, track aged receivables, and dispatch employees. Excellent value given what it is capable of."
  • "Generally simple to use, but training is unquestionably helpful. Superior technical assistance is provided."
  • "At best erratic, integration with QuickBooks desktop allows for the syncing of Razorsync-created customers with QuickBooks but not the other way around."

5. WorkWave Service

5. Best for Comprehensive Lawn WorkWave

Since the early days of computers, WorkWave has been assisting businesses in staying innovative for more than 40 years.

Many of the entries on this list include marketing tools, but WorkWave stands out from the competition. WorkWave software generates 5-star reviews and keeps them visible on websites like Google and Facebook.

The tools at WorkWave are built to be adaptable. The mobile app makes it possible for landscaping businesses to change route schedules while on the go and instantly streamlines the new route. Dispatch, tracking, invoicing, and other services are all included in the WorkWave suite.

Key Features

  • Android/iOS app
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Route optimization
  • Robust marketing features and customer management


WorkWave doesn't disclose its pricing details. According to reviews, the software starts at $79 per month.


✓ Flexible scheduling
✓ Great mobile apps
✓ User-friendly layout
✓ Real-time alerts and adjustments


✗ Limited sales tools
✗ No inventory management
✗ Only annual contracts available

User Reviews

  • "Our database was moved for us by the WorkWave setup team. They scheduled numerous training sessions and were incredibly helpful and professional in explaining how this program worked to us."
  • "The first client interaction through billing and payment are all handled by this powerful CRM system."
  • "It takes a lifetime to learn."

6. RealGreen Service Assistant

6. Best for Lawn Care Service RealGreen Service Assistant

WorkWave, a major provider of business software for services, recently acquired RealGreen Systems. With an interface created specifically for green industries, users of RealGreen Service Assistant now have access to the support of a 40-year-old tech company.

Customer relationship management (CRM) and employee time tracking are just two of the many features that RealGreen Service Assistant provides. Like the majority of the other entries on this list, it enables business owners to use mobile devices to operate field service management software.

Key Features

  • iOS and Android app
  • Route tracking and optimization
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Estimates and invoicing
  • Work order management


RealGreen doesn't disclose its prices on its website. For more information on the available products, request a demo.


✓ Customer history and contract renewals
✓ Wide variety of features and applications
✓ Robust customer support
✓ Top-rated mobile access


✗ Large number of features can become complicated
✗ Issues with reports
✗ Only compatible with RealGreen's credit card processing software

User Reviews

  • "The ability for customers to log into their accounts and modify their billing is very helpful to the office staff. Additionally, using tablets in the field has many benefits."
  • "The database and customer history are SA's biggest advantages. All of our maintenance clients have historical data, which makes it incredibly simple to provide maintenance estimates and complete contract renewals every year."
  • "It is not compatible with Hubspot or other marketing software. SA tries to be a marketing firm, a printing firm, a company that provides customer service, a firm that handles accounting, and so on."

7. Yardbook

7. Best Bang for the Buck Yardbook

Having business management software available without charge can be a game-changer for small lawn care businesses with one or two vehicles like Yardbook. Through its user-friendly mobile app, Yardbook offers equipment management, billing, and route optimization services.

Yardbook includes the essentials but omits crucial elements like dispatching. It is therefore perfect for new businesses entering the lawn care sector. As your business expands, you have the choice to buy extra features like QuickBooks integration.

Key Features

  • Free to use
  • User-friendly iOS/Android app
  • Designed for small lawn care operations




✓ Free
✓ Beginner-friendly
✓ Inventory management features
✓ Route optimization
✓ Cloud backups


✗ Customer support through text/email only
✗ No dispatching features
✗ Limited invoicing capabilities
✗ In-app advertisements get annoying

User Reviews

  • "Initial value for the money, but over time I stay because I believe they genuinely pay attention to our needs and work arduously to improve and add features."
  • "I could only find one thing wrong with the recurring invoice system. I would rather they would just send automatically, instead of having to manually click to send"
  • "I've found Yardbook to be a great tool for organizing my customer lists, invoices, payments, staffing, tools, and routes. The best part is that it has been free to assist me in starting, which is the best part."

8. ServiceTitan

8. Best Resources ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan software is a pioneer in the field service industries, despite not being specifically made for lawn care. ServiceTitan can be an excellent tool for lawn care companies looking to diversify their business operations.

ServiceTitan has features that other providers of software for lawn care businesses don't because it works with a variety of industries. It's possible that some of these features are superfluous while others may be useful. For landscaping companies that deal with pest control and herbicide, hazardous chemical management is a great tool.

Key Features

  • iOS and Android app
  • Automated scheduling
  • GPS route optimization
  • Payroll and employee scheduling
  • Quotes, invoicing, and payment processing
  • Chemical management and tracking


ServiceTitan doesn't disclose pricing details. The average monthly cost per user, according to reviews, is $145. For exact pricing, get a quote.


✓ First three months free
✓ Top-rated client portal
✓ Dedicated support manager
✓ Clean, user-friendly interface


✗ Designed for other industries
✗ Bugs reported by some reviewers

User Reviews

  • "The industry's best feature set and workflows are available. Software is dependable, and support is excellent."
  • "Solving problems and communicating with customers takes time in customer service. Even so, it is still far superior to what the rivals have to offer. The Marketing Pro feature could be improved."
  • There are many features, some of which are useful. I can see how the features might work for other businesses, but for us, they ended up needing a lot of extra steps, so we had to turn off a lot of them."

9. MHelpDesk

9. Best for Specific Field mHelpDesk

mHelpDesk is fully customizable, allowing you to add almost any feature you need to your list. You can keep using it even if your internet connection drops while you're out in the field thanks to its full offline functionality.

As your service company grows, mHelpDesk becomes more expensive due to fees for adding additional users. Because of this, we suggest it to small companies that require a comprehensive set of features.

Key Features

  • iOS/Android app with offline functionality
  • Multi-Location Inventory Tracking
  • Routing and Dispatch
  • Estimates, invoices, and payment processing
  • Work order management


mHelpDesk doesn't publish pricing information. According to reviews, the software has a monthly cost of $169.


✓ More features than most software
✓ Fully customizable
✓ Offline functionality


✗ Expensive
✗ Bad choice for large companies

User Reviews

  • "When our staff members encountered IT-related problems, it was incredibly simple for them to use. made it incredibly simple to keep track of every open issue ticket in the state."
  • "Our response times have gotten faster and our profits have gotten better because we are entirely cloud-based and mobile. We've found a partner or vendor who pays attention."
  • "QuickBooks and inventory don't work together well. For my customers, the customer portal has mediocre search options."

10. Verizon Connect Reveal

10. Best for Fleet Management Verizon Connect

The largest telecom network in the United States supports Verizon Connect. Even though this option isn't the most affordable, it has a number of fleet management features that make managing a bigger business easier.

Verizon might be your best option if you are in charge of a fleet of five or more trucks. Companies that can afford this software won't be let down with its dependable support and sector-leading mapping, job management, and CRM tools.

Key Features

  • iOS/Android mobile app
  • Live Maps
  • Engine Status
  • Reports
  • Scheduling
  • Commercial Vehicle Roadside Assistance
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Free Fleet Tracking Hardware


With fees for adding premium features, Verizon Connect Reveal has a $45 monthly minimum price.


✓ Only pay for features you need
✓ Industry-leading fleet management
✓ Great for companies with many vehicles
✓ Free tracking hardware


✗ Expensive
✗ Requires multiple plans for full functionality
✗ Support only during business hours Monday-Friday
✗ Long contract periods

User Reviews

  • "I appreciate being able to track all of our assets in real-time. Additionally, running the replay is simple and provides a minute-by-minute account of where they were throughout the day."
  • "I think the monthly service is too expensive, even though the trackers were installed without charge. There is a possibility that you might receive discounts or incentives."
  • "We use this every day, from monitoring our oil changes to getting alerts when staff members are driving too fast. There is a great referral program, and the customer service is outstanding as well."

Buyers Guide for Lawn Care Software

What is Lawn Care Software?

Any computer or mobile application that facilitates a lawn care company's smooth operation and maximizes cash flow is referred to as lawn care software. Most business software marketed toward lawn care companies provides a similar range of features detailed below:


controls employee timesheets and plans client appointments for one-time or ongoing services. A schedule will typically be automatically created by business software to promote maximum workflow.

Job Tracking and Management

For the purpose of giving customers accurate pricing, employers assign workers to specific tasks and keep track of the hours they put in.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

a collection of tools that aid in managing relationships with new clients and attracting new customers for your lawn care business. This includes communication, managing complaints, and tracking service history.


keeps track of every service rendered for a customer's account and sends bills to clients automatically after work is finished.

Route Optimization

makes the most effective route for carrying out each task on a daily schedule. reduces the need for wasted time and fuel. Some software will instantly update routes to reflect delays and cancellations.

Equipment and Inventory Management

maintains an inventory of your lawn care equipment and supplies (such as herbicide and fertilizer).) When stock needs to be replenished or equipment needs maintenance, some software can notify users.

FAQ About Lawn Care Business Software

1. Which Lawn Care Software is Best?

Jobber is the best software for small- to medium-sized lawn care businesses, according to our research, which was compiled from a number of independent tech review sites. LawnStarter-affiliated professionals can benefit greatly from the free version of LawnPro, which is also highly regarded.

2. What Does Lawn Care Software Cost?

Some services offer a variety of pricing plans with various feature sets, while others charge based on the number of technicians using the software and range in price from under $25 per month to over $250.

3. Are There Free Options?

Yes, both Yardbook and LawnPro have free versions that are supported by advertisements. The majority of the choices on the aforementioned list also offer a free trial or demo.

Conclusion: Which Lawn Care Software is Best for You?

Our research shows that LawnPro is your best bet for lawn care software, as it offers some serious functionality when it comes to features, along with some excellent customer support options, rolled into an easy-to-use interface.