Sunset Bells profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 15 2021

Sunset Bells profile

Sunset Bells, also called Chrysothemis pulchella, black flamingo, is a perennial bulbous plant of Gesneriaceae, with a plant height of 15 ~ 25cm and orange flowers. It is an excellent flower with leaves and appreciation. Sunset Bells is originally from tropical America, likes warm, humid and half shade environments, and avoids strong sunlight. Sunset Bells are not delicate, strong vitality, long flowering period, tropical areas can be used to decorate flower beds, flower borders and garden planting. Temperate zones are more potted ornamental.

Sunset Bells picture

Sunset Bells

Sunset Bells characteristics

Sunset Bells is a perennial bulbous flower that is an excellent flower for foliage and appreciation. Plant height is 15 ~ 25cm; sunset bells have opposite leaves, broad lanceolate, leaf surface brown green and glossy, leaf back purplish brown, serrated leaf margin, veins obvious and fine wrinkles; Flowers top living or leaf axils, floret tubular, orange.

Stems are erect, adult plants have underground tubers, stems four prisms, yellow-green, slightly transparent. Stems and leaves are fleshy, up to 30 ~ 40 cm high when potted. Sunset Bells have opposite leaves, long elliptic lanceolate, large leaves, 10 ~ 20 cm long, 5 ~ 10 cm wide, the edge of a circular serrate, long leaves have dense coarse hair, more wrinkled, red green, shiny;Leaf back purplish red.

Inflorescences umbels are axillary, 8-10 cm long, 10-30 florets, sepals 5, connate to pentagonal cup-shaped, apical acute. Flowers are smaller bristly, corolla tubes about 1 cm long, golden yellow, with red stripes or spots inside. Flaming red calyx clusters in the inflorescence, golden flowers, flaming red calyx, a sharp contrast, very good-looking. It can maintain its beautiful posture for a long time from spring to summer before and after flowering.

Sunset Bells habits

Sunset Bells enjoys warm, humid and semi-shady environments with a wide temperature range and can grow normally at 18 ~ 40 ° C. But it’s not cold resistant, the room temperature can not be lower than 15℃. The soil should be loose, fertile and well drained. Greenhouse cultivation in spring, summer and autumn need shading of about 50%, no shading in winter. The family can be put indoors in the bright place that depends on the front window, like stronger scattered light, but avoid stronger direct shot sunshine.

Sunset Bells like warm, humid and semi-shady environments, avoid direct sunlight; Sunset Bells are not delicate, strong vitality, long flowering period, tropical areas can be used to decorate flower beds, flower borders and courtyard planting. Temperate zone is more potted ornamental.

Sunset Bells

Sunset Bells origin

Sunset Bells is native to tropical America.

Sunset Bells growing methods

Sunset Bells prefer a semi-sunshine environment, and can grow well in a scattered light environment. The leaves are prone to yellowing and injury when exposed to the hot sun. Indoor cultivation is prone to barren growth when the light is dim, and the old leaves fall off and do not blossom. Watering can observe the leaves slightly weakly before sufficient watering, the leaves should be wet to avoid disease invasion. Apply long-acting fertilizer once a season from spring to fall. If there are thick branches it can be cut off. In winter, the ground is dry and overwintered with bulbous roots, which can reduce the number of watering to avoid frostbite. The propagation was carried out by cuttings. The cuttings were cut in summer with 1 to 2 sections of full branches, and the leaves could be cut half to avoid excessive evapotranspiration of water.

Sunset Bells application 

Suitable for growing alone in 5~7 pots, or in combination with other leaf-watching plants in large pots. In warm areas, Sunset Bells can be planted directly in the shade of the courtyard trees and used as ground cover. The unique and beautiful leaf color can show the changing shape and color of plants in tropical areas.

Sunset Bells