Sunrise succulent profile

Written by Maggie

Aug 14 2021

Sunrise succulent profile

Sunrise succulent, also called Anacampseros telephiastrum, native to Namibia, is a mutant succulent with white patchwork. Purslane family, Sunrise succulent is a succulent plant (pulp plants). The top leaves of Sunrise succulent like lotus spread, thick leaves, colorful but avoid long time in the hot sun. Sunrise succulent (Anacampseros telephiastrum) height is only 5 cm, obovate leaf color, white filamentous hairs between leaf axils, open rose flowers. The mutant has orange patches on its leaves, which are more ornamental. It is the only member of the Portulaca family to be introduced as a succulent plant. Pay attention to water saving and ventilation in summer. Sunrise succulent likes the sun, avoiding long time in the scorching sun. Sunrise succulent can be placed in front of the window, the balcony and other scattered bright places. Winter and summer dormant periods should water shading.

Sunrise succulent picture

Sunrise succulent

Morphological characteristics of sunrise succulent

Sunrise succulent (Anacampseros telephiastrum) leaves are spirally grown, closely arranged, with pendency. The leaf surface is green, the back is peach, the leaf quality is soft and thick, the most special is in the spring, the new leaf color will be light green, and the tip of the leaf will appear yellow or pink markings. sunrise succulent grows white hairs in the axils of leaves, which look like white filamentous hairs. The pedicels of Sunrise succulent are long and protrude from the tip of leaves during flowering. The flowers are peach red.

Sunrise succulent distribution and growth habits

Sunrise Succulent (Anacampseros telephiastrum) is native to Namibia, and can be cultivated.

Sunrise Succulent (Anacampseros telephiastrum) likes the sun, avoids spending time in the hot sun, and is semi-drought-resistant. Sunrise succulent is not cold-resistant, drought and half shade, avoid water wet and strong light exposure, no obvious dormant period.

Sunrise succulent

Sunrise Succulent growing methods

Sunrise succulent (Anacampseros telephiastrum) can be planted with seeds or side branches, take off the healthy side branches, dry the wound cuttings in the soft plant material, a little spray. It is easy to grow new roots.After the root can slowly normal management.

1. Potting soil: Sunrise Succulent is a succulent plant with shallow roots. Potting soil should be a mixture of leaf rot and coarse sand.

2. Light: Sunrise succulent (Anacampseros telephiastrum) can grow best in a full sunshine environment, but avoid long time under the hot sun, summer high temperature and strong light shade appropriate.

3. Watering: there is no obvious dormant period in summer. But to reduce watering, keep the basin soil dry, and should not water too much, otherwise it will lead to the phenomenon of rotting roots.

4. Temperature: Sunrise succulent (Anacampseros telephiastrum) is normally raised indoors. It is better to keep the temperature between 15 and 28 degrees.

5. Air: no matter what plants are kept, ventilation is a very important link. In the sultry summer, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation at night.

Sunrise Succulent propagation method

Sunrise succulent (Anacampseros telephiastrum) can be planted with seeds or side branches, take off the healthy side branches, dry the wound cuttings in the soft plant material, and spray little. Sunrise succulent is easy to grow new roots. After the root can slowly normal management.
Sunrise succulent