Sedum Versadense Profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 28 2022

Sedum Versadense Profile

Sedum versadense is a succulent plant in the Sedum family. One advantage of Sedum versadense is that it grows very quickly and the cuttage survival rate is very high. Distribution and growth habits of Sedum versadense.

Sedum Versadense Picture

Sedum versadense

Sedum Versadense Distribution and Growth Habits

Sedum versadense grows very quickly and is very fond of the sun, requiring proper shading in the summer and being watered every 20 days or so during the growing season. Sedum Veradense has many small hairs on its leaves, which can turn pink in certain regions (Japan). The plant likes light, so it must be exposed to the sun to create a beautiful plant. In addition to reducing the amount of water used in the hot summer, Sedum Veradense can be watered in other seasons to promote growth.

Sedum Versadense Growing Method

1. Temperature: sedum versadense is not highly resistant to high temperatures or cold, and normally grows at temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the summer should be kept below 30 degrees, and the temperature in the winter should not be too low, otherwise, you will get frostbite and you will not grow normally next year.

2. Watering: Sedum versadense is very drought-tolerant, so don't water it too often while it's growing. If you water too much it can rot the roots. Do not have water when watering each time, wait until the soil is thoroughly dry and then water, watering once in 20 days.

3. Light: warm enough light to make it have better growth. Sedum versadense color is more pink and lovely if it is in good light, and it needs about four hours of light a day to grow properly. Summer bright light needs to be avoided, winter can receive normal light.

4. Fertilization: Sedum versadense does not need fertilization, and it can grow very well without fertilization. If you want to fertilize it, it is best to choose succulent fertilizer and not fertilize it.

Sedum versadense

Propagation of Sedum Versadense

Sedum versadense is a very easy variety to propagate. The survival rate of leaves and cuttings is very high, and it is relatively successful.

(1): The temperature of 20-25 degrees is the best temperature for Sedum versadense leaf insertion. If you are really worried, it should be more than 15 degrees, less than 10 degrees for leaf insertion. Basically, you don't want to see the seedlings and roots for two months.

(2): The soil moisture for Sedum versadense. This is not to be considered at the beginning, until the root system can be often watered, a small amount of watering can be found. As long as the soil surface dry immediately, watering ~ to ensure enough humidity to make the growth of the leaves and seedlings healthy, watering at the same time can also be a little sun.

Sedum versadense

Toxicity of Sedum Versadense

Sedum versadense are not listed as toxic to people but can be mildly toxic to pests and children.