Schefflera octophylla profile

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Oct 19 2021

Schefflera octophylla profile

The Schefflera octophylla plant is an excellent potted plant with plump, graceful form and strong adaptability. Schefflera octophylla is an appropriately decorated sitting room study and bedroom. In spring, summer, autumn, it can be placed in the courtyard shade place and building balcony to enjoy. It can also be isolated garden plants, the southern winter nectar source plants. Schefflera octophylla is widely planted in Hawaii and other warm areas, it is also the most popular houseplant in the world.

Schefflera octophylla picture

Scheffleras octophylla

Morphological characteristics of Schefflera octophylla

Schefflera octophylla is a large evergreen tree or shrub with plant height ranging from 30 ~ 80cm under cultivation and up to 40m in origin.Many branches, close branches. schefflera octophylla has palmate compound leaves, lobules 5 ~ 9, elliptic, oval-shaped, 9 ~ 17cm long and 3 ~ 5cm wide, with long tips, leathery, dark green, shiny leaves. Flowers are small, most white, fragrant, flowering winter spring; The berry is globular, fruit period from December to January of the following year.

Schefflera octophylla growth habit

Schefflera octophylla prefers a warm, wet and semi-negative environment. It has a wide range of adaptation to light and can grow in full sunshine, half sunshine or half shade environment. The fertile, loose and well-drained sandy loam soil is preferred. Potting soil is a mixture of peat, leaf rot and coarse sand.

The suitable temperature for the growth of Schefflera octophylla was 16 ~ 27℃. It was 21 ~ 27℃ from March to September, and 16 ~ 21℃ from September to March of the following year. It can still grow normally under high temperatures above 30℃. The temperature in winter is not less than 5℃. If the temperature is below 0℃, the plant will be frozen and deciduous, but if the stem is intact, new leaves will sprout again in the spring of the following year.

Schefflera octophylla distribution area

Schefflera octophylla is native to the Nanyang islands. It was introduced to England in 1658 and later spread to Europe and America. It's found in Oceania and Africa. China is mainly distributed in Xizang (Chayu), Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Taiwan, In Japan, Vietnam, India also has distribution. For tropical, subtropical areas of evergreen broad-leaved forest common plants, sometimes also on the sunny slopes, elevation 100-2100 meters.

Scheffleras octophylla

Schefflera octophylla propagation methods

Schefflera octophylla are commonly used for cuttings and sowing propagation.

1. Cuttage propagation: From April to September. 1 year old top branches were cut, 8 ~ 10 cm long, the lower leaves were removed, inserted in the sand bed, kept wet, room temperature was about 25℃, 30 ~ 40 days after inserted, rooting can be.

2. Sowing and propagation: Indoor basin sowing was used in April to May. The appropriate temperature for germination was 20 ~ 25℃. The seedling height is 5 ~ 8 cm and the pot is 4 cm.Get into daily management.

Schefflera octophylla's primary uses

1.Garden use: Schefflera octophylla firewood is evergreen, plants plump and graceful, easy to manage. Potted decorate the guest room, study and bedroom, have thick breath. Large potted plants are suitable for display in hotel halls, library reading rooms and museum exhibition halls, presenting a natural and harmonious green environment.

2. Schefflera octophylla can be used as medicine: bitter, cold. Schefflera octophylla can reduce swelling and relieve pain, treat rheumatic bone pain, fracture, wound swelling pain, bleeding knife injury.

Scheffleras octophylla

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