Rainbow roses Profile

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Nov 03 2020

Rainbow roses Profile

The rainbow rose is a kind of rose introduced by the flower company owned by the Dutch florist Peter van der Wilken. This rainbow rose is also known as the happy rose. The petals of the rainbow rose to show a variety of colors, which makes people look at it. bright. These rainbow roses are derived from white roses. Although rainbow roses are bright in color, their flowers are easier to wither than ordinary roses and have almost no fragrance.

Rainbow rose is specially developed for fashion people who are in pursuit of novelty. Whether it is used as a home decoration or a gift for a man to a lover, the Rainbow Rose is naturally a very special choice.
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The origin of the rainbow rose

Red roses represent passion and romance, yellow roses represent friendship, and pink roses can express your gratitude. If you pursue a certain lady, you can use these roses to convey your feelings to the other person. The colorful rose known as the rose of happiness is the latest carrier of these emotions. Rainbow rose is not an artificial flower, it is also called happiness rose. In order to create this kind of rose, the creator injected various colors of plant extracts into the stem of the rose, which is an innovation. The flower language of the rainbow rose is romance, dream, happiness, joy, gorgeousness and nobility.
Using a unique technique to change the color of each petal on a rose can make a flower bloom with petals of different colors. The color of the rainbow Rose flower is very bright, you need to wear sunglasses to see it or look in the shade, otherwise, it is very dazzling. The color of these petals is not sprayed or painted, but artificially poured chromatin into the plant stem, and then grow naturally through the stem. You can choose the color you want, which can be combined into a wedding theme flower or dedicated to your lover on personal dates.
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These artificially bred colored roses are easy to bloom and can last for a long time before drying out. For the first time, this kind of flower was publicly displayed at the International Hortifair in Amsterdam, and others can see their magnificence.

Rainbow roses efficacy and role

The price of rainbow rose is higher than other roses, which has a certain relationship with the technical content it contains. Rainbow Rose uses a high-tech technology to inject pigment from the stem of the flower to control the color of each petal. In the entire flower, each petal has a different color. Because the flower price is too high because this variety has just entered the market and the price is higher, not many people buy it.
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The process of absorbing pigments from white roses into rainbow roses is completed within 24 hours. After continuous improvement of technology, imported rainbow roses can easily be ordered from some online florists in China.

Process of making colorful red roses

The colorful red roses are artificially dyed. After the rose stem is cut, water-soluble dyes of different colors are dropped into different parts of the stem. When the stem absorbs the dye to the petals, it will show a rainbow-like color. But because of these dyes, the flowering period of rainbow roses is shorter than that of ordinary roses. In addition to roses, fresh cut flowers such as chrysanthemums, carnations, hydrangeas, and some varieties of orchids can all be dyed in the same way.
Studies have shown that the most suitable variety for making fancy red roses is Vidra rose. This cream-colored tea rose flower can reach 6 cm in diameter when in full bloom, and the stem length varies from 40 cm to 100 cm. It can perfectly absorb different colors of fuel, but it has no fragrance. It is cultivated in the Netherlands, Colombia, and Ecuador.