Psychotria Elata (Hot lips) profile

Written by Maggie

Aug 20 2021

Psychotria Elata (Hot lips) profile

Psychotria Elata (Hot Lips) is a plant with a special shape, which looks like sexy and attractive lips and has a bright red color. Psychotria Elata (Hot Lips) is more common in tropical rainforests.

Psychotria Elata Picture

Psychotria elata

Species Evolution of Psychotria Elata

There are reasons for Psychotria elata to grow like this, and the most important point is environmental factors. In order to attract pollinating insects such as hummingbirds and butterflies, the plant has evolved into such a bright appearance, and people vividly call it Hooker (Hooker).

Ecological habits and morphological characteristics of Psychotria elata

Ecological habits of Psychotria elata

Because Psychotria elata is rarely seen in our daily life, many people don't know its ecological habits. psychotria elata usually prefers a full-day to half-day environment. Under full-day conditions, the leaves are olive green, but it does not affect growth and flowering. High temperature and humidity can promote growth, and growth is slower in the low-temperature period in the north.

Morphological characteristics of Psychotria elata

The red part of Psychotria elata that looks like the lips is not the petals in the true sense, but the bracts of the flowers. The color is bright red, the leaves are bright green, and the posture is beautiful and lovely. Many people think that he has been processed by PS when looking at the pictures. In fact, the lip flower is a kind of Acanthaceae, an evergreen vine-like semi-shrub. It can be said with certainty that its attractive lips are born.

Psychotria elata

Distribution area of ​​Psychotria elata

Psychotria elata usually grow in broad-leaved forests and hillside forests at an altitude of 350 to 1,300 meters, and are also distributed in bushes in tropical rainforests. Psychotria elata can be seen in the tropical rain forests of some countries in Central and South America, such as Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and other countries. It is a pity that Psychotria elata has reached the brink of extinction due to the deforestation and abuse of forest resources.

Propagation and cultivation of Psychotria elata

Psychotria elata can be reproduced by cuttings, and spring and autumn are suitable.

The cultivation of Psychotria elata requires fertile humus soil or sandy soil, preferably fertile soil. Sex likes high temperature, the suitable temperature for growth is about 22~32℃. It needs sufficient sunlight and an appropriate amount of water to successfully cultivate it. Topdressing is done once every 1 to 2 months.

There are few branches of Psychotria elata, but the heart can be topped to promote more branches. Prune pruning and pruning after flowering. If the planting forest is aging, it needs to be pruned every spring and replaced with new soil to promote the germination of new branches and leaves.

Psychotria elata

Psychotria elata Main Value

Psychotria elata can be used for many purposes. Psychotria Elata (Hot lips) can be planted on the heights of a garden to beautify the environment, or it can be used as a potted flower for breeding. The drooping branches make Psychotria elata suitable for planting in a higher position and admiring bunches of flowers. Psychotria elata can be planted in a flower box or hung in a hanging pot to enjoy the bright flowers on the hanging branches.