Primula malacoides Profile

Written by Lisa

Nov 09 2020

Primula malacoides Profile

Primula malacoides is a perennial herb. Flowers are red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, white, etc., arranged in umbels, racemes, heads, or solitary in foliage.

Primula malacoides Picture

Primula malacoides

Primula malacoides Morphological characteristics

Primula malacoides is a perennial herb, generally cultivated for one or two years. The height of the plant is 20-30 cm, the whole plant has fine hairs, the leaves are basal, approximately oval, and the base is heart-shaped. There are several lobes, with notched teeth on the edges, and long stalked leaves. There is an umbrella at the top, the base of the calyx is enlarged, the corolla is high in the shape of a butterfly, the upper part is divided, and the tube is hidden in the calyx. The flowers are white, pink, mostly pink. The capsule has many seeds and has strong self-sown ability. The corolla is pale red, saucer-shaped with tall legs, lobes spreading, inverted heart-shaped, and apex concave.

Primula malacoides

Primula malacoides Growth habits and distribution

Primula malacoides prefers well-drained, humus-rich soil, and prefers wetness. It can grow well in sandy loam and clay loam (pH 5.5 to 6.5) containing more humus. It should avoid strong sunlight and high temperature during the seedling stage. primula malacoides prefer a warm and ventilated environment. 

Reproduction method of Primula malacoides

Primula malacoides

Primula malacoides are planted immediately after the soil is thawed in early spring, usually in February and March. Prepare the ground carefully before planting. You can dig a hole with a diameter of 1 meter and a depth of 0.8 meters planting on flat ground; Fill the hole with about half of the deep improved soil, put the seedlings in the center of the hole, so that the roots of the seedlings extend in all directions; after filling a small amount of soil, lift the seedlings slightly upward to make The root system is fully extended, and then tread lightly; the depth of planting seedlings should be such that the roots of the uppermost seedlings are 5 cm from the ground. After planting, make a water trap and fully water; finally support with bamboo pieces about the height of the seedlings to prevent blowing down by wind.

Plant culture of Primula malacoides


1. Primula malacoides is the incarnation of the sad love of the Greek goddess Mizusawa. An unspeakable goddess Mizusawa fell in love with Yingjun's youth, but the youth was surrounded by a group of admirers. The goddess Mizusawa, who could not speak, could not express her love. she could only watch him leave from a distance with sadness. Day after day, the life of Goddess Mizusawa gradually disaappeared. Although she lost her life, her love continued to wait for this young man affectionately. So, in the place where she died, lovely flowers grew... This is the Primula malacoides.

2. In Greek mythology, there is a young man named Ballissos. This young man has a beautiful fiancée, Mei Li Shierta. They look forward to their wedding day every day. However, after the girl died of illness, this young man died too because of sadness. God pitied him and turned him into a flower and bloomed next to the girl’s tomb. This kind of flower is Primula malacoides.

Primula malacoides

Flower language

Loves nothing but you.